Best Answer is a wonderful site to donate your car to. This is a good option after having used up your old car because the car will go to charity, which is a good cause.

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Q: What is a good organization to donate your car to?
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Is my car donation tax deductible?

Yes, car donations are deductible. Check with the group you donate the car to. If the organization you donate to is a registered charity, yes.

How can you donate your used car to charity?

You can donate your used car to charity by contacting your local church or by calling the organization who's charity you support. You can also ask people in your community to help you host an auction and donate the money from the car to the charity of your choice.

Where can you donate your used car?

You can donate your used car at probably the Salvation Army. They are very trusted charity organization. You may want to check out your local area for more information.

How do I donate my truck to an organization that needs it?

You can find more information on car donation programs

What are good reasons to donate your car to the Cancer Society?

the car that you donate can be sold at auction for a good price and that money will go towards cancer treatment for a suffering adult or child.

What are the tax benefits of charitable car donations?

You can write off the full value of the car that you donate to charity. You should receive a sort of tax receipt from the organization you donate to, and this can be sent to the IRS with your taxes as a write-off.

How can I donate my car to charity?

User99: You can donate your car to charity by first finding a charity you like, you can also research your charity of your liking by going to Charity Navigator. Once you find your charity make sure its an IRS-approved 501(c)(3) organization, donate your car and make sure you keep all records for the IRS.

If i donate a disaster releif , what percentage of the money will actaully be used for relief?

It depends on who you donate it too. If you go on the website of the organization that you donate it to ; they will tell you or you could speak to a advisor for that organization.

Where can one make a car donation in Sacramento?

One can make a car donation in Sacramento with the 'Action Donation Services' organization. One can arrange a donation by phone or fill out the online form. Another organization one can donate a car to is the 'Komen Sacramento Car Donation Program'.

where can i donate my used car for wrecking.?

Donate A Car Canada @

I have a car that I want to get rid of and I want to know if I could donate it online.?

Go to to easily donate your used, new, or unwanted car. Know that you car will go to a good cause or will be used for something useful.

What are donation cars?

Donation cars are cars that have been donated to a charity or an organization by someone who is rich or by someone who no longer needs that car. One can donate a car on the Habitat website.