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An attorney is needed when a whiplash is claimed through any car crash, as this means that an injury was caused and someone is to blame, and you need someone to back you.

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Q: When is an attorney needed in a whiplash injury claim?
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What type of attorney should one seek for a whiplash accident claim?

Someone who suffered from whiplash during an accident should get in contact with a licensed Whiplash Injury attorney. The person can also use an attorney that handles general accident claims.

Can someone claim a whiplash injury?

Yes, you can. You should get in contact with the insurance agency of the other person involved and claim your injury. It requires a proof of injury from a doctor.

What is the best way to make a whiplash injury claim?

It is important to be examined by a medical professional to diagnose any medical injuries. You should also contact an attorney and seek their advice on how best to file a legal claim.

How can you find a good attorney for filing a whiplash claim?

Personal injury lawyers can be found by searching local telephone directories, newspapers, television advertisements, word-of-mouth from others who have had like experiences, or outdoor advertisements.

How do you get precription for whiplash?

You should first look up the symptoms of whiplash. If you were in a car accident, it is very important to have the whiplash documented in case you want to file a claim with insurance or you need to pursue a personal injury lawsuit.

What is the typical settlement for whiplash and arm injury?

In the UK it depends entirely on the severity of the whiplash injury and arm injury, Your solicitor will obtain an independent medical report describing the severity of your injuries. To see examples of compensation amounts for different types of whiplash injuries and arm injuries see the related links entitled "car accident compensation" and "arm injury claim" respectively,

What criteria need to be met to claim compensation for whiplash?

When claiming for whiplash injury one simply has to prove they have been injured in a car accident. There is no set criteria but one will be assessed by a doctor.

How much can you get from a whiplash claim?

AnswerThis is best answered by a lawyer in the country where the whiplash occurred.If the whiplash was suffered in the UK a link to a website where this question is specifically answered is shown in related links.

What constitutes a whiplash compensation claim?

A whiplash Compensation claim is all down to how serious the whiplash is (this is how it affects the neck and back), who's fault the whiplash is. And also if the person has a job which the whiplash may affect.

What is the average payout for a whiplash claim?

There is not a set amount for a whiplash claim. The amount of compensation you will receive depends on the severity of your injuries. Typically, $1,280 to $4,140 is paid for minor whiplash where recovery takes place within one year of the accident. And for severe, serious injury where recurring pain and possibility of surgery may occur, this can be from $13,000 to $24,000.

How would someone make a claim for whiplash?

One can make a claim for whiplash through their insurance company. One also may call a lawyer and present them with the whiplash claim to file a case for a lawsuit.

Do you need an attorney to file an injury claim?

Although helpful it is not necessary to have an attorney. Some people have achieved money without the need to hire an attorney. An Attorney may help to achieve higher returns though.