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Your car will depreciate depending on the size of the dents. A few dents will be different from a hundred dents. Carfax has a category for hail damage.

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Q: What is your car depreciation as a result of hail damage?
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Can you keep your hail damage car if the value of the car is less then the hail damage?

yes, but insurance normally will just say it is totaled and write you a check for the value of a car. its cheaper

Does a used car dealer have to disclose hail damage?


Does renters insurance cover hail damage to car?

No. Hail damage to a car is covered by the comprehensive (sometimes called "other than collision" or "comp") portion of your auto insurrance policy.

Will your insurance cover hail damage before you owned your car?

Existing damage is never covered.

You live with your boyfriend and had a severe hail storm last thurs that caused severe damage to 2 of your vehicles can you claim this under his home owners he has hail damage coverage on his policy?

NO, Homeowners Insurance would cover hail damage to the home depending on his policy but not to the cars, not his own car or anyone else's car. That's what car Insurance is for.

Will a car cover protect my car from hail damage?

There is no car cover you will protect a car from major hail storms. You will either need to take you car to a parking garage or buy a top to put above your driveway.

How can one avoid hail damage?

One can avoid hail damage to one's car by parking it in a garage. Hail stones are usually small but can be as large as a golf ball or even larger. In areas prone to large hail stones, roofs are usually covered with materials that do not shatter, which avoids a lot of expensive damage.

Does car insurance in Indiana reimburse you for hail damage?

Yes, you will be reimbursed if you have full coverage on your car. If you do not have full coverage then you will not be covered.

Are there any body shops that can fix the hail damage on my car in Phoenix?

Most body shops can fix hail damage because hail just causes dents and all body shops have to do is pound them out. It really should not be a problem for any body shop.

What are 3 ways hail can be prevented from damaging your car?

There are only a few ways to prevent damage from hail to your vehicle. Firstly, some vehicles are manufactured with stronger steel that resists damage when hit by hail. Secondly, is not driving in weather that is likely to produce hail and keeping your vehicle parked in a garage or parking structure whereby hail does not hit the vehicle at all. Thirdly, some of the better grades of car covers would probably help to prevent this type of damage while parked and again, don't drive in bad hail producing weather.

How does hail damage things?

By falling on things because hail is so hard it could make a dent in someone's car. Though it is ice, it can be very strong!

Your car got hail damage on it last month is to late to file a insurance claim with Travelers insurance?