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All states require you to have a current driver's license from your home state, and current registration and proof of insurance must be carried in the car at all times in all states. You should consider finding out about the traffic laws of the states you will be driving in, as not all traffic laws are the same in all states. Example: some states allow right turns at red lights, others do not.

Call your local DMV office to ask about the laws in the states in which you will be driving. If they don't have the information you need, call the DMV in the states where you wish to drive to inquire about legal requirements.

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Q: What is the policy for driving a car in another state?
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Will your car still be covered by a Texas policy if your daughter is driving the car in another state?

Yes, if your daughter is on the policy, either disclosed as a driver away at school in another state or she is on the policy and is just travelling to that other state and will be there no longer than 5 days in most cases.

Does your insurance policy follow you if driving someone elses car?

No, in the state of Mass where i am from, the insurance is covered for your car only. It will not follow you if you choose to drive another vehicle. You may want to check the state your are in if this is different, as they may have a different type of policy you can purchase that will cover you. With my experience, the only insurance you have is your health insurance if you are driving another persons vehicle.

Whose auto insurance will cover you if driving another person's car in the state of New Hampshire?

Primarily it is the other persons car but your policy may have coverages available.

Can you drive a car which has no insurance policy but you have a insurance policy on another car?

Depends on the state and your insurance policy. call your local agent.

If you need to get personally insured so you can practice driving in another persons car to take the driving test what do you do to do that?

To drive another person's car you must be a named driver on the vehicle's insurance policy.

Should you keep your 18 year old son on your car insurance if he moves out of state and isn't going to college?

If he will be driving the car, then he should be on the policy.

Is my little brother who is covered under my policy still covered by my policy while driving someone else's car?

If you are asking about the automobile insurance policy, it depends on the specific policy. Most policies include protection when driving another vehicle as long as it is with permission of the owner.

Whose auto insurance will cover you if driving another persons car in Florida?

The insurance policy on the vehicle you were driving will pay any damages assuming the owner of the vehicle and the owner of the insurance policy is one and the same.

Whose auto insurance will cover you if driving another person?

This depends on the insurance policy. Usually your car is covered, no matter who is driving it. However, if you are driving a car and the owner doesn't have insurance, then your insurance would pay if you got in an accident.

Whose auto insurance will cover you if driving another person's car in the state of Florida?

The insurance will not stand if some one else was driving the car, in Florida.

Does your daughter who attends college in another state and does not have a car have to give up her license if you do not include her on your auto insurance policy?

No, She only needs insurance if she is driving. She does not have to give up her license if she is only attending school in another state. The state of issue is still her state of residence. The address she uses while attending the school is only a temporary address.

Can I add my your daughters car to my insurance policy?

No. In this state you must have a separate insurance policy for each car. Your area may be different. Why don't you call your agent and see. In another state it is possible to list two cars on one policy. I have no idea where you live or what the law is there.