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it could be your Power Steering pump. check your fluid level, then also check to see your not leaking any fluid.

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Q: What could be the grinding noise when the tires move?
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You have a mazda626 '91 it broke down wont move you can move it when in gearbut when the car is started and put in gear it makes grinding noise?

slipping clutch? get a new one

Citroen saxo and it makes a grinding noise when?

Are you sure its a driveaxel issue? Does the car move? Are the outer boots ripped open? Does the driveshafts spin but the wheel doesn't? hulala

When you start your car it does not move and makes a grinding noise on the left side?

sounds like a dead battery, could be starter or alternator. Take the battery to an auto parts store. Most parts stores will test it for free. Be careful taking the battery out.

How to roatate tires?

move back tires to front and front tires to back

What does it sound like when the transmission in a vehicle is failing?

If it is a manual transmission it may make a whining noise or, if it is really falling apart, a grinding sound. If it is an automatic, they usually don't make any particular noise. Most of the functions are pressure valves so the transmission just doesn't shift properly or won't move when in gear. If you are geyying a grinding noise but the transmission seems to be functioning okay you probably need to have the flywheel inspected to see if the starter is dragging or the flywheel has broken or cracked.

What could cause a grinding or squealing noise from a car?

Answer I had an extrememly loud grinding soun under my hood one day when my car ran hot i new it was my water pump and i tried to get home and the car stalled out and would no longer start because it shredded the timing belt. I would have someone look at the water pump and the alternator.AnswerRemove the fan belt and start the engine to eliminate alt,water pump. Can do the same for power steering to eliminate the pump. If you still have the noise, the noise is normally engine or trany. AnswerIf it's a grinding noise it can also be one of the bearings in your wheels. Don't take apart your engine just yet. :) AnswerI had this grinding or whirring noise when driving my 86 crx Honda hf model. The solution was replacing the berring in the front wheel hub. Upon inspection the hub itself did not need replacing only the berring. It now is free of the noise. AnswerI have a 2002 Chevy Cavalier and I also replaced the wheel hub bearing assembly. YOU CANNOT take the bearing out of the hub, it is an entire assembly. agree check the bearings first... you can do this your self by jacking up the front of the car so the tires a off the ground so you can move them. Once the tires are off the ground you grab the top and bottom of the tire and see if it has play in it ( try to move the tire top to bottom ) if you have play then you need to service your wheel barings or replace them-your brakes can also make grinding or squealing noises but both at once would not be likelyANSWERI had mine just like that. and I remove the 2 belts, remove the water pump and put a new one and you can save the old coolant as long as you did not put it to the dirty pale. It's going to run just like normal again.

How do you tell if the transmission needs to be replaced or if it's the clutch in a 1995 Plymouth Neon?

well if you put the car in any gear and let out the clutch if you rev the engine and it dosent move or moves a little then it's the clutch but if it's a grinding noise and it doesnt move at all i'd say its the transmission my car was grinding and not moving and it was cause the spider gears were all busted and i had to rebuild my transmission

Why hearing a noise as you move your eyes?

"SUPERIOR CANAL DEHISCENCE" can cause you to hear your eyes move.

How do you check front wheel bearings 1990 plymouyh voyager?

jack up van with wheel in question off the ground try to move it side to side it should not move also spin the wheel and listen for a grinding noise you may need a stethascope to do this step

What is wrong if the seat on your Buick LeSabre makes a lot of noise when you move it up and down with the switch?

no there nothign wrng with it unless it make noise and it doesnt move then u need a new motor for the seat or could be the switvh itself

Are your tires congruent?

Your tires SHOULD be congruent if your vehicle is to move smoothly

Why were tires invented?

Without tires, youll barely move and have no control of the car