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If it is a manual transmission it may make a whining noise or, if it is really falling apart, a grinding sound. If it is an automatic, they usually don't make any particular noise. Most of the functions are pressure valves so the transmission just doesn't shift properly or won't move when in gear. If you are geyying a grinding noise but the transmission seems to be functioning okay you probably need to have the flywheel inspected to see if the starter is dragging or the flywheel has broken or cracked.

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Q: What does it sound like when the transmission in a vehicle is failing?
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Why would your car seem like it should down shift then stall out?

Failing transmission

Why In your 1993 f150 when your driving you have to ease on the gas if you push it too much it just revs up and wont go any faster?

does this vehicle have a manuel transmission sounds like clutch is slipping on a manuel transmission. if an automatic,either the torque converter or the auto transmissions is failing

Rebuilt the transmission in 2000 ford explorer and went to get a sticker and it failed there were 5 codes for transmission what givesthanks?

This doesn't sound like a legitimate reason to fail an inspection. I'd take the vehicle to another service station.

What does a failing connecting rod sound like?

it sounds like a loud metallic tapping noise that you won't mistake for anything else

What would cause your 2001 Mitsubishi eclipse to just stop going like the transmission went out?

Mitsubishi eclipse is famous because of failing transmission. If I were you I would start with checking transmission fluid level. But most likely you will have to change transmission or fix one you have.

How do you make a vehicle sound like it has more power?

Remove a muffler.

What does it mean when it looks like there is fiberglass floss coming out of the car's tailpipe?

The muffler is failing, the "floss" is how the exhaust sound is muffled.

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its called failing ▲ ▲ ▲

Automatic transmission feels like emergency brake is on when in drive or reverse?

I had that in a vehicle i used to drive, and they had to replace the whole wiring system inside the transmission

Why 5 speed manual transmission has knocking sound when gear engaged Knocking accelerates with vehicle When you rev the engine while clutched no sound When you clutch and coast no sound?

it sounds like a bad throw out bearing or clutch plate. not a major deal it just starts to get louder but eventually you going to have to replace it when you do your next clutch job. chris

What causes heater fan to make loud squeal on car?

Probably resistors failing for the variable speed control; search "Blower Motor Resistor" for replacement info (it is easy). The SCR's sound like a banshee when they are failing.

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