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because wheels need balancing

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What can you do to stop your car from shaking while driving?

This will depend upon the type of car you have, the type of shaking and what is causing the shaking. The solution may be anything from tightening a bolt to stop driving the car because it is dangerous.

You hit a bump and now your car is shaking?

Why is my car shaking after I hit a bump in the street?? Espeically when I put my foot on the breaks.

Is car shaking and car bucking the same thing?

No. Bucking, I would consider an engine performance issue and shaking would be suspension or steering issues.

Why is your car shaking after a oil change?

to much oil

What is wrong when the car is shaking?

you need to re-aline the wheels

What do your car do when your 02 sensor go out?

shaking jerking when pressing on gas

Car is shaking while in idle What is the problem?

plugs or vacuum. 65;

Your car is shaking and clanking and smoking so what is wrong?

Do change the car & buy a new one, Simple!

Car radiator is shaking little bit its new car is it normal?

A radiator has rubber mounts that hold it in place. There should be no shaking from the radiator unless one of these mounts is defective or the bolt that holds it on is loose.

What is wrong when car shakes when idling?

If your car is shaking while it is idling, it is most likely your automatic choke. The automatic choke is not operating correctly but if you remove the choke and put a lubricant on it, it should stop shaking.

Car shaking in drive?

try adding transmission fluid and trans treatment if possible. If it is shaking while you are moving then your rims can be bend or your alignment is off.

Why car shakes?

If your car is shaking, it normally has to do with your tires. Check your tires for a flat or to make sure they are securely put on.

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