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The quick answer is no. This assumes you own your own vehicle and the vehicle is registered to you exclusively. At 18 you may not have a lot to lose, however if your parents are in anyway listed on or are co-signers on your cars title they may have a reason to want you on their auto policy.

You see if they are in any way connected to your vehicle in terms of ownership, they could be held liable for whatever occurs in that vehicle...and they probably have a lot more to lose than you!

So maybe you want to have a sit down with mom and dad with the understanding that it may not be all about you!

If cost is an issue you may want to explore a smart financial move that could save You and your parents a significant amount of insurance premium dollars called a collision deductible reserve plan...this may work out to be a reasonable way to deal with the higher cost of auto insurance and keep You, Mom and Dad all on the same page!

Good can check it out at:

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Q: If your 18 do you have to be on your parents insurance if you live with them?
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Can you be covered by your parents' policy if you are over 18 live with your parents out of high school and the car is registered in your name?

Yes, I have two children over 18 and under 25 who are currently on my insurance. You must go to their insurance company and give them your name etc and they will tell you how much more it is. Beware, if your parents insurance lapses or is canx, you will not have insurance either.

If you have your own car insurance policy can your parents be sued if you live in their home and you are involved in auto accident?

If you are under 18, yes.

Do you have to live with your parents to be on their car insurance?


When im 18 will my parents insurance will stop covering you?

You have to check with the specific insurance company about the terms of your parents' plan.

In an accident who is liable the 18 yr old driver or the parents who own the car and insurance policy?

parents if the insurance is under their names

Do you have to live with your parents in order to use their insurance coverage in an accident i had an accident with rental car my parents insurance would cover?

You don't have to live there as long as you are listed on the policy.

Can you get auto insurance when under age 18?

No, you have to be under you parents. Not without your parents, because your considered a minor.

In Ohio Does a minor have to be on the parent's driving insurance?

A minor has to be on the insurance of a person 18 years or older - which is usually their parents.

How do you move somwhere you want to live but your parents dont want to.?

If your parents donÕt want you to live somewhere and you are under 18 you need to listen to your parents. If you are over 18 explain to your parents why you want to live there, listen to why they donÕt want you to live there and as adult make a responsible decision.

Can you move out your parents house when im 17 and if you live in the state of Michigan?

Unless you have your parents permission you have to wait until you are 18.

How old do you have to be to buy health care insurance?

You have to be at least 18 years old to buy health care insurance. If you are under 18, your parents or a legal guardian are in charge of that. It is possible to gain independence in the circumstances that your parents are unfit or you choose not to have them as your guardians if you are under 18.

Can a 18 year old get cheap car insurance if her parents do not drive?

The answer: No. Insurance is not cheap to any young driver. Not being on a parents policy can be more expensive as well.