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Q: How fast can a lunar roving vehicle go?
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What is a lunar rover?

TheLunar Roving Vehicle [See Link] or lunar roveror moon buggy was a type of surface exploration go-cart used on the Moon during the Apollo program.

How fast do lunar rovers go?

Fasta than my grandmama

When driving a vehicle Accelerating is not an option in executing a decision?

when acceletaring a vehicle, it is the persons decision to go fast because the car does not go fast on its own, the person behing the wheel has the control of the car.

How fast can the lunar lander go?

The Lunar Lander had a maximum speed of 8 miles per hour. However, unofficially a speed of 11.2 miles per hour was clocked by Eugene Cernan.

How fast does a Maisto Tech Crawler Radio-Controlled Vehicle go?

10 mils

How fast do cars go when downhill?

Whatever speed they're allowed by the driver of the vehicle.

Is it possible to go 60 miles in 2 hours?

yes it is possible if you have a fast vehicle

Why wont your car go above 70 mph?

Don't know what vehicle you have but that may be as fast as it was designed to go.

What is the mood to the poem so we'll go no more a roving?

the mood is sadness and regret

How fast do radio control vehicle go?

Radio controlled vehicles can go a variety of speeds, much of it depending upon what sort of mechanics are built into the vehicle's engine or battery.

How fast does a 2.8hp engine go?

Speed is not determined solely by HP. You can estimate that a particular vehicle in particular conditions can achieve a certain speed, but these are only estimates. A vehicle with very low drag can go very fast on very little power.

How fast does a v8 car go?

From 120 mph to over 200 mph depending on the vehicle.

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