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As fast as it was designed to go. We just know it has 60 horsepower... doesn't tell us the weight of the vehicle, the torque output of the engine, how the drivetrain is geared, etc.

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Q: How fast will a 60.0 hp go cart go?
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How fast will an 11 hp go on a go cart?

with a good sentrifical clutch about 40 to 50mph

How fast will an 5 HP engine go on a go cart?


How fast is a 20 hp engine go for a 2 seat er go cart?

about 25-30 mph

How fast is a 18 hp go cart go?

i would say it goes at least 50-60 mph,but depends on the weight of you and the go kart.

How fast is 1000 hp?

About 500-600mph

How fast does a 15 hp motor go on a go kart?

It is greatly dependant on the weight of the cart, the gear ratio, and the tire sizes. on a race cart a 15 hp (if you could mount it) will do between 50 and 60 mph. I have never seen one on a yard cart (lie the one seaters you can get at tractor supply) but i would venture to say you could probably push 45-50 moh with the right gearing.

Why is your 5hp go cart not getting spark?

I don't have a 5 HP go-kart.

How fast will an 8 HP engine go on a go cart?

The engine will run to the limits of it rpm (revolutions per minute). The go-cart will travel as fast as the gearing and torque of the motor allows. Theoretically, you could get a nitrous kit for an 8hp lawn mower engine and do a one-time burst to like 50 HP and maybe 100 mph, before the engine exploded and your go-cart disintegrated. One of my sons manged to get his go-cat up to 66 miles per hour using a 12hp Tecumseh motor from an old lawn tractor. Scary, very scary, but very fast. The neighbors called the police.

How fast will 10.75 hp go?


How fast will a 16hp go cart go?

i have 5 hp Tecumseh that goes about 30-45 at top speed and my other 16hp duromax goes way faster so maby 60-70 mph

How fast is 6 hp go kart go?

about 40mph

How many hp in 600 w?

One HP is 735 W, so 600/735=0.8 HP

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