What is the back of a truck called?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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That would be the bed of the truck

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Q: What is the back of a truck called?
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What is the back of a pickup truck called?

called the bed

If the back door of a pickup truck is called a tailgate then what is its equivalent on a big rig truck?

its called a tailgate(:

When goods are transported by truck and water it is called?

Fishy Back according to the free Transportation Dictionary. The movement of loaded truck trailers by barge or ferry.

What do you call the cargo space at the back of a pickup truck?

It's called a bed.

What is the Back part of 97 Chevy truck auto transmission called?

If you are talking about where the driveshaft goes into the back of the transmission That would be called the transmission tail shaft housing.

Is an engine in the the front or back of a monster truck?

The engine is located in the back of the truck.

How do you teach a dog to ride in the back of a truck?

You throw it in the back of a truck and tie it to something

Riding in back of truck legal in Illinois?

No. Riding in the back of a truck is NOT legal in Illinois.

Is there a Eddie Stobart truck called CARON?

Yes, there is a Eddie Stobart truck that is called Caron. It is actually called Rebecca Caron and it is a Volvo truck. There is also a truck called Allyson Shannon.

What is the ball on the top of a flagpole called?

A Truck

How is a army truck with guns called?

Gun Truck

If you were the last registered owner of a truck that got repossessed and the police called you because they found it with no history of owners except you could you get the truck back?

The people that reposed it may have a lien on it for an unpaid loan.