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Go to your insurance agent and ask him or her to complete the computer based replacement cost estimator. You can sit down with them for about 20 minutes and they can give you a very good idea of the cost and whether or not you have an appropriate amount of coverage on your home. There are real serious penalties involved if you do not carry enough insurance coverage.

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Q: How do you know if your dwelling coverage is too low on homeowners insurance?
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How do you know if the dirt the house is built on is not part of the homeowners insurance coverage?

Earth movement is generally not covered under a homeowners insurance policy so that should answer your question. The only case it might be covered is if you purchase an endorsement to add coverage for earthquake. Remember that maintenance and faulty building is not covered under homeowners insurance.

Does homeowners insurance cover only your possessions?

It just depends on the type of policy you purchased. Homeowners insurance typically covers the home main structure and the owners contents, but without more details of the coverage form you purchased there is no way for anyone else to know. The best source of information regarding your coverage is your insurance company or your insurance agent.

Are snowmobiles covered on your Homeowners insurance policy?

depending on you insurance company... I know my snowmobiles are covered on my homeowners

How can you get a refund when your mortgage company and you both pay for homeowners?

Yes and it happens quite often. Usually when you let you Homeowners insurance cancel or change companies and fail to notify your insurance company to send a copy to the mortgagee. If the mortgagee does not have proof that you have insurance and have them listed on such insurance, they will place "force-placed" coverage on the property to protect themselves and they will charge you for this coverage. As long as you get them notified and proof quickly, they will cancel their policy and refund you the premium. Make sure you know that the coverage they purchase on your behalf only covers them and covers no contents of yours, no liability coverage, and only covers the bare minimum coverage. And it is usually more expensive than homeowners you buy on your own. When you get a mortgage on your home your agreement is that you keep insurance on the home. If you let it cancel or don't have such insurance you are in breech of contract and they could foreclose on your home or put this coverage on it, their choice.

Does homeowners insurance cover a bad slab?

What is bad? Insurance coverage is based on cause or reason. In order to properly answer the question one would need to know why the slab is bad. Why? If a big rig truck ran off the road and into the side of the house and damaged the slab this would be a covered claim. Your homeowners insurance covers claims where a vehicle strikes the house. Did ground water flooding damage the slab? If so you would need flood insurance. No homeowners covers flood. Flood is flood and is insurance offered by FEMA. You don't get flood coverage under homeowners policies. Is the slab bad because the work done to build it was poor? There is no coverage to repair the slab but if the slab being bad caused ensuing damage there may be coverage for ensuing damage. Has the slab just started cracking because no expansion joints were put in the concrete? This is really not a sudden an accidental event. In fact it is normal and thus not something homeowners insurance covers. Need to know why slab is bad to get you a better answer. Tried to answer giving a few different options.

Where can I learn more about homeowners's insurance?

The best way to learn about homeowners insurance is through your car insurance broker. You can also consult the website to know the ground rules that such agencies should be following.

Will homeowners insurance pay for removal of a tree that could be threat to property?

Homeowners Maintenance ResponsibilitiesActually, If you know the tree is a Hazard, You should have it removed. This is a maintenance issue, Not an insurance issue.The best way to "lose" your homeowners insurance policy is to use it as a home and property maintenance plan.

Does GEICO homeowners insurance cover sink hole?

I don't know of anywhere that earth movement or sinkholes are covered. There was coverage in Florida until May of 2013 when the law changed. I believe that now in Florida it has to be certified as a sinkhole by the State for it to have any coverage and now it is a limited amount of coverage. I think there is a limit of $10,000 but I am not certain. I most other states there is no coverage for earth movement.

Does my home insurance cover damage to my neighbors car from my trampoline?

No. Homeowners insurance is for houses, it does not cover cars. Automobiles are covered under the owners auto insurance policy. Trampolines and resulting injuries and damages are always excluded from homeowners insurance policies in the United States if the insurer knows you have one and sometimes even if they don't know. In fact, if the home insurance company finds out you have a trampoline on the property, they will generally require you exclude it from all coverage including liability and many will just automatically schedule the policy for cancellation.

What are Types of dog insurance?

Learn and find all the information you need to know about dog types What exactly do you mean by types of dog insurance? Like insurance for dogs? Because there is this company called Trupanion that does dog and cat insurance. So if you are looking to get insurance for your pet, I would recommend checking their website out.

Do homeowners insurance cover damage done by neighbors?

yes it does i know because someone broke our fire-pit and insurance covered it

Does the mortgage pay homeowners insurance?

In some mortgages insurance is included in the payment, but in others it isn't. If you don't know what you have you need to check.