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Dieseling is a condition which can occur in spark plug, gasoline powered internal combustion engines whereby the engine keeps running for a short period after being turned off, due to fuel igniting without a spark.

This condition can occur for a multitude of reasons:

Built-up carbon in the ignition chamber can glow red after the engine is off, providing a mechanism for sparking unburnt fuel. Such a thing can happen when the engine runs very rich, depositing unspent fuel and particles on the pistons and valves. Similarly, non-smooth metal regions within the piston chamber can cause this same problem, since they can glow red. It has also been suggested that an improperly rated spark plug can retain heat and cause the same problem.

A carburetor that does not close entirely can contribute to running once the engine is off, since the extra fuel and oxygen mixture can combust easily in the warm piston chamber. Similarly, hot vaporized oil gases from the engine crankcase can provide ample fuel for dieseling.

Incorrect timing.

An engine that runs too hot or too lean may produce an environment conducive to allowing unspent fuel to combust.

An idle speed that is too fast can leave the engine with too much angular momentum upon shutdown, raising the chances that the engine can turnover and combust more fuel and lock itself into a cycle of continuous running.

Potential fixes

Items similar to carburetor cleaners and carbon cleaners have been suggested as partial remedies for attempting to clean the piston chambers and valves of engines that run too rich.

For those engines that have sharp metallic edges, it has been noted that poorly milled heads and blocks can contribute to this problem, so having the rough spots smoothed may help.

For those engines that run too hot or too lean, verify that all mechanisms in place to cool the engine properly function as they should. Replace the thermostat if necessary. Clean theradiator. Verify that all auxiliary fans engage at their proper temperatures, and ensure that the thermostatic sensors on belt driven fans engage as necessary.

In the case that there is too much angular momentum, lower the idle speed if possible.

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Q: Engine continues to run after key is turned off?
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1967 Cadillac engine wont turn off?

If the engine continues to run after you have turned the key off you have what was called "Dieseling". Checking the timing and set the idle to factory specs should cure it. Shutting the engine off while stopped in drive will stop the engine for now until you get it looked at.

Why won't my 1995 F-150 stop running?

This condition is called "dieseling" where the engine continues to run on after the ignition key has been turned off. It means that your engine timing is way off ... a complete tune-up of this engine should end this situation.

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The coolant fan continues to run after the engine has cooled and then turned off. The fan continues to run and runs the battery down.

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Electrical circuit is broken. No electricity and the engine will not run.

When does a Chrysler Town and Country shut off?

When the key is turned off.When the key is turned off.

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Faulty ignition switch.

Why won't my Ford f150 engine shut off when key is turned off?

sounds like a bad timing issue

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did you replace the spark plug wires?

Why does an engine keep running when ignition key is turned off?

Its not your engine. Its the fan running to cool the engine down. They all do it and nothing is wrong with your car.

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The actual problem is the starter continues to turn after key is turned off and pulled out of ignition.

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Grab the key you inserted and turned to start it and rotate it back toward you, the engine will stop.