Can you leave your car on road with no mot?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No! - As I understand it, the vehicle must have a valid MOT certificate if it is to be kept on a public highway. Also it may invalidate any insurance cover the vehicle may have.

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Q: Can you leave your car on road with no mot?
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Can you leave your car on the road without a MOT?

Not on the public road.

What does it mean if I have been given an advisory on an MOT?

An MOT is a British term that involves the testing of a motorized vehicle for road worthiness. Every used car purchased in the United Kingdom should have a MOT test.

When does a new car need an mot?

In UK mot required annually after car is 3 yrs old

How long can you leave your car on roadside?

you can leave your car on the road side before eleven or though you'll get a ticket.

My friend has no tax or mot or insurance as his car has been of the road for some time i am thinking of buyin it can i drive it home with insurance only?

No, but you can book an MOT test for it and you are then legally entitled to drive it to the MOT testing station, provided that you are insured. Once it has been tested you can then legally drive it home from the MOT testing station, providing it has not been deemed to be "unsafe to drive."

Can you get an English MOT for your English car which is currently in France?

To get an MOT certificate, you have to produce your vehicle at an approved MOT testing station. You will obviously have to bring your car back from France to do that. I don't know if your UK issued MOT would be valid in France.

How can you take back your UK registered car from Italy to England without MOT tax and insurance?

It's illegal to drive (or keep a motor vehicle) on UK roads without valid tax, MOT and insurance, so bring the car back on a flat bed truck or similar and store it off road.

What day has the mot car accidents?


Does a 57 car need a mot?


What does car MOT stand for?

Ministry of Transport.

Will not having a spare wheel in your car fail your mot?

The spare tyre is not taken into consideration as part of an MOT. There is no legal requirement to carry a spare tyre and it is not part of the MOT test. Even if the spare tyre has a puncture/illegal tread etc. your car will not fail the MOT on this item.

What is a MOT check needed for?

An MOT check is an important check for automobiles that insures that any vehicles meet strict safety and environmental checks so that they are safe to drive on the road. It ensures that the car is safe and has no faults which might cause the driver or other drivers to be endangered.