What does car MOT stand for?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Ministry of Transport.

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Q: What does car MOT stand for?
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What does MOT stand for?


What mot stand for?


When does a new car need an mot?

In UK mot required annually after car is 3 yrs old

Can you get an English MOT for your English car which is currently in France?

To get an MOT certificate, you have to produce your vehicle at an approved MOT testing station. You will obviously have to bring your car back from France to do that. I don't know if your UK issued MOT would be valid in France.

What day has the mot car accidents?


Does a 57 car need a mot?


Will not having a spare wheel in your car fail your mot?

The spare tyre is not taken into consideration as part of an MOT. There is no legal requirement to carry a spare tyre and it is not part of the MOT test. Even if the spare tyre has a puncture/illegal tread etc. your car will not fail the MOT on this item.

Where can you get a cheap MOT?

You can get an MOT at various Garages and Car Dealerships throughout the UK. I guess this depends on your location. In the North West there are plenty of cheap MOT's at various Garages. Try the RRG Car Dealer for a half price offer.

Will a car pass a mot if the windscreen washer does not work?


Your car is registered sept 2005 should it need mot?

UK - it will in September 2009, Your car needs an MOT once it is four years old, and every year after that.

Are you insured if your mot has run out and your car is stolen?

if you don't have an up to date MOT then your insurance is null and void. if your car is stolen then you are only covered if you have fully comp insurance!

How much is an MOT test in Northern Ireland?

£30.50 for a car!