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The spare tyre is not taken into consideration as part of an MOT. There is no legal requirement to carry a spare tyre and it is not part of the MOT test. Even if the spare tyre has a puncture/illegal tread etc. your car will not fail the MOT on this item.

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Q: Will not having a spare wheel in your car fail your mot?
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Where is the car jack located?

Usually in the trunk in the spare wheel well.

What causes the steering of a car to fail and the steering wheel to spin?

Kinetic Energy helps the car wheel spin...

Where is the spare wheel located on a Citroen Xsara Picasso?

Look underneath the rear of the car.

How many wheels should a car have at one time?

6, including all 4 wheels, spare wheel and steering wheel.

Were is the tool kit on a citroen xsara Picasso?

in side spare wheel under the car if not inside

Is there a spare wheel on a c4 grand picasso?

Not fitted as standard but if your car has standard suspension not hydraulic you can fit the lifting gear and buy a spacesaver spare. The studs for the lifting/mounting assembly are fitted to the car. For more info. I've fitted a wheel on mine.

How any wheels does a 4-door car have including the spare tire?

6, including the steering wheel.

Can you use a spare a different size tire for a spare?

Yes and no. If it isn't too much different then you can use it short term on a non-drive axle. In other words, put it on the front if your car is a rear wheel drive or put it on the back if your car is front wheel drive.

Where is spare wheel located on Kia carens?

It is located under carraige rear of the car. Wheel can be lowered using a handle inside the hatch back.

How many wheels should a car have at any time?

5. Four actually on the car and one spare Don't forget the steering wheel.

How do you unlock spare wheel on Quicksilver 106?

open the boot and lift the carpet. there will be a big bolt u simply unscrew it with the wheel nut tool u get with the car or anything that fits. once u have wound it out enough u push the spare wheel up and unhook it.

Is there a spare tire in a 1981 Corvette?

located underneath the car in the rear. if you go to the very back of the car, & then look under it from behind the bumper, you should see a round shaped wheel cover. removing it will reveal the spare tire within it. if you see no cover or wheel, then someone has removed them & never replaced them.