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There have to be conditions on if you get arrested or not. If you are driving under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs, the chances are very high that you would go to jail. If it was just an accident that you were At Fault, not likely to go to jail.

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Q: Can you go to jail if you caused an accident and there were injuries?
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Ifwhat happens if the person that caused the accident is unisured?

then they go to jail and pay lots of money!

What are the effects of texting and driving?

An accident with possible injuries and death. If you have an accident while texting and someone dies as a result of this you can be charged with negligent homicide and if convicted go to jail for a long time.

Can you go to jail for being sued for accidentally hitting mailbox?

You don't go to jail for being sued. If the suit is successful, you may be forced to pay damages caused by your actions (or accident).

Can you go to jail if you caused an accident with no insurance?

Yes,, You may be subject to arrest if you are operating an uninsured vehicle while involved in a traffic accident. This is often at the discretion of the responding officer.

How does one go about getting compensation for a road traffic accident?

When in a road traffic accident the person is able to claim compensation for losses or injuries caused by the accident. The person is also able to ask for compensation for financial losses, which would be, for example, that he/she was late for work because of this accident.

Where should one go if was in a weight lifting accident?

Depending on the severity of the injury a chiropractor or physiotherapist may be help with the recovery from a weight-lifting accident. However, for more serious injuries caused by lifting weights a trip to the hospital would be in order.

What would happen if you have a car accident but have no driving licence?

you woul go to jail.

Can a young driver go to jail if he killed someone on a car accident?

Yes, a young driver can go to jail if they were found to be at fault for causing a fatal car accident. The severity of the consequences will depend on factors such as the circumstances of the accident, the driver's actions, and relevant laws in the jurisdiction.

What if you get in accident and you dont have a licensce?

You go to jail and get a criminal record also your car gets taken away and when you do get a license you get points for previous accident.

Can you go to jail for a car accident with no issuranse?

You can certainly get in serious trouble for having your vehicle uninsured.

How many deaths and injuries are caused by handguns?

You need to go to the CDC and FBI websites.

Are minor children entitled to compensation in an accident?

"are my minor children entitled to compensation for being passengers in an accident that was not my fault. ? they were bruised up. no major injuries." Certainly they are entitled to compensation if they were injured. The amount would depend on the severity of the injuries and if they received any medical treatment. If you are in an auto accident and have any injuries at all always go immediately to the emergency room. If you do not the insurance comapny will try to say you were not injured. lwpat