Are scooters safer than a cars?

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2010-12-01 17:52:02

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no they have no protection on them so a car would be much safer.

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2010-12-01 17:52:02
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Q: Are scooters safer than a cars?
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How are cars safe?

Yes they are! thay are so much safer than scooters or motorbikes! because there is a roof to protect you and airbags

Why are cars so popular?

vehicles are required for transportation and cars are safer than bikes, scooters, cycles... cars are cheaper than trucks (which are also used for transportation... there are luxury cars, people love to travel in it... also cars are stronger.

Are mopeds safer than cars?


Are new cars safer than old cars?


Is riding electric scooters culture in China?

there are more of them than there are cars in china.

Big cars are safer than small cars for two reasons?

The two reasons that big cars are safer than small cars include that they have bigger crush zones. The second reason is that they have longer hoods.

Are Hybrid cars slower and less safe than conventional cars?

slower, but safer

Why more people are choosing cars than motorcycles?

Because cars are safer than motorcycles. Yet although motorbikes can occaisnally be cheaper people choose the safer option (most of the time!)

Why are airplanes better than cars?

Airplanes are better than cars because they have faster transportation, and also you don't have traffic problems, you also are safer in airplanes than cars.

Are big cars safer than small cars?

Usually they are, because there is more material in between you and whatever hits you. also adding a roll cage to the car will help your car be more safer than usually.

Why are cars safer than before?

Well i think it is because of the development and advancement in term of science and technology have lead to cars been safer than before. now we have air bag in most car and many other things are been fitted in cars.

What is safer driving a car or flying an airplane?

It is safer to ride in a plane, as there are less annual deaths per year than cars.

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