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It is safer to ride in a plane, as there are less annual deaths per year than cars.

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Q: What is safer driving a car or flying an airplane?
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Is it scry riding an airplane?

Not really but for some people taking off and landing can. But remember flying is the safest form of transport. It is way safer than traveling in a car.

Is an airplane a flying car?

technically, yes, it is.

Which car is safer?

It is not the car that makes it safer, it's actually down to the driver and their experience, driving style, etc.

Which is more safer an airplane or car?

Airplanes have a far lower fatality and injury rate.

Is a motorcycle safer then a car?

Not really it depends on your driving skill

Who was driving the flying car Fred or george?


Do you have to be in the car when you do the flying car cheat?

Yes, You must be driving the car or else it will crashland.

Is a airplanes safer than a car or truck?

Yes because there are more car crashes than airplanes crashes that and in an airplane you have more time to react

Car vs Airplane which one is safer?

more people have been killed in a car than a plane but that is probably because more people use cars

How do you get the flying car in vice city?

for PC.write: comeflywithme and get a car and start driving in a moment it will fly.

Will there be flying cars before 2100?

I guess you can. If you can make an airplane, then i'm sure you can make a flying car. It has already been done several times.

Is it safe to fly these days?

safer than driving your car, getting on a bus, walking down the street.