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the guy on the scooter is if he was At Fault

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Q: A friend drives unisured 49cc scooter into a car who is responsible for car damages?
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One who drives a scooter is called?

A scooter-driver

Who is responsible for damages if a permit driver who is not on your insurance policy nor is a family a member drives your car with your permission while you are in it and they get into an accident?

you ni^^a

Who is responsible if an unauthorised driver drives a hire car and has an accident?

I assume that you mean a rented vehicle with an unlisted driver having an accident. If you allow an unlisted driver to operate the vehicle then the person who signed the rental agreement will be responsible for damages because he allowed the unauthorized to drive.

You can say that a child belongs to its parents but in what way do parents own their child?

I can think of one way: Ownership equals responsibility. If you own a dog that bites your neighbor, you are responsible for their medical bills. If you own a car and someone drives it and wrecks it, you are responsible for damages. Similarly, if your child breaks the law or damages property, you are responsible for making sure the damage gets paid for and making sure your child makes it to court or community service requirements. Because the child belongs to you, you are responsible for his/her actions.

A son drives his mothers car but the son is excluded from his others policy. Who is responsible for damages the son causes while drving his mothers car.?

his mothers for lettting him but his sons for crashing it goood luuck brittney spears opps i did it again

Where is manny when he drives away on the scooter?

Manny drove away towards whirley street but-he turned the other way (lol)

Where is the thief once you figure out who it is on Counterfeit Island?

once you figure it out he runs away and you have to chase him on a scooter then he drives away on a motor boat

Will your auto insurance policy be voided if you loaned your car to a friend without knowing his license was suspended and he got into an accident?

It depends, they could or they could have you sign an exclusion on that driver, which means that if that person ever drives the car again and gets into an accident the insurance company will not be responsible for damages.

Does everyone who drives a truck need truckers insurance?

Anyone who drives a truck must at least hold a liability insurance policy to cover injuries and damages. Additional policies are not required, but can be beneficial to the driver.

What are some of the things you are responsible for as drives?

Keeping yourself and others around you safe.

Who is liable if your underage son drives your car?

The owner of the vehicle is going to be held liable for any damages caused by the underage driver.

If someone else drives your car with a valid license but no insurance of their own what happens if that driver has an accident who is responsible?

Technically, You are responsible for the car because the car insurance is in your name and not theirs. You can also go to court and they will investigate to see who should pay for accidental damages on the car but the Judge can also make the driver pay your cars insurance. It can go either way you or them depending on evidence of the accident.