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Your veins. Do not try to pierce your own tongue. This is a very dangerous percing and cannot be done on everyone. My sister went to get her tongue professionally done and she was informed that she could not have it done because of the location of veins in her mouth. Only a professional body piercer would be able to tell you this personalized infromation. Also, there is a high risk of infection, and these can be extremely dangerous. Trust me, my friend did hers, no, dont do it yourself, she was put in the hospital. get it done profecinally -sp?- A friend of mine wanted to get her tongue pierced but the piercer said she didn't recommend it on her. Her tongue web was too close to the tip, meaning her piercing would've to be done very near the tip, and this would give her a lisp. ___________- I would like to add that while you cannot bleed to death you can damage veins and nerves to the point where your tongue will go numb. I would estimate that 90% of people would have no trouble with having it done (professionally), but you may be one of that 10% and need to see a professional in order to know. Also, the glands in your tongue and mouth are very sensitive and necessary, when you attempt these things on your own you risk damaging them (even just a pin prick) and causing your body permanent damage, shock is also a factor because of the pain of the procedure.

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2007-10-23 05:31:56
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Q: What part of the tongue can you not hit when piercing your own tongue?
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How do you pierce your tongue with only a barbell?

YOU DON'T. How in the heck would you shove such a blunt and wide bar through your tongue? Piercing your own tongue is a horrible idea. You could hit an artery and bleed to death. Go to a professional

Can you get parizalized by piercing your own tongue?

no you can't it's not known for it but if they hit a nerve maybe, as long as you have got a proffesional piercer you will be fine and in safe hands NEVER try it on your own

How can you pierce your own tongue without using a piercing kit?

I Recommend You Do NOT Even Think About Piercing This Your Self, This Piercing Especially Should Be Done By Professional ONLY. The Tongue Is A Very Important Muscle In Your Body, There Are 2 Main Vains Below Your Tongue, If Either Of These Are Hit This Will Cause You To Bleed Heavily And Possibly Become Paralised So Think Twice Before You Think Of Doing This.

Can you change your own tongue piercing after 2 weeks?

Yes u can I did mines n its just fine

What is the legal age for a tongue piercing?

In the UK, you can be 14 with parental concent but after that you can be 16 and get it pierced if you have your own ID

Can your tongue rip and scab up after getting it pierced?

The tongue is the strongest muscle in the human body, the piercing is done between the two muscle complexes that make up the tongue. The piercing is at agauge thick enough that it will resist tearing. As for scabbing up, the tongue doesn't scab like external tissue, it has it's own method of healing but it will discharge like any other piercing leaving a film on the tongue as it does so.

Is a green discharge normal with a tongue piercing?

it is totally normal when you have a tongue piercing to get a kind of discharge, it's the body's way of healing itself. This normally appears for 1-2 weeks. If it carries on see your doctor, but it should heal on its own.

What are the chances of dying from piercing your own tongue?

Chances of DYING?? Pretty slim, chances of going to the hospital with a mouthful of seemingly unending blood.....Pretty darn GOOD....Kids , this is the reason for professionals to do this sort of thing...Beyond infections and crooked piercings and such, the tongue has places that do NOT need to be hit by a piercing needle......And, should an infection set in how suave and debonair will you be mumbling around the stump of your diseased tongue????? Hope this helps.

Should a teen pierce their own tongue or have it done professionally?

Self-Piercing or Go to a Pro?You should wait and get it done by a pro. There are several veins that run underneath your tongue and if you hit one of them, you will bleed alot. Due To The Problems Of Infection, Best To Have A Very Knowledge Proffesional Do This

How do you pirece your own tongue?

Don't! Do it professionally. If you do it yourself, you may hit a vein and lose all sensation in your tongue.

If you pierce your own tongue you want to know where is the piercing go?

Don't pierce your own tongue. You can impede your speech permanently if you do so. Go see a professional and they will gladly do it. It takes less time, and in general is an easier way about things.

How can you numb your tongue before piercing it?

Don't try piercing it yourself. Get a professional to pierce it for you. I've added a picture for you to look at, sorry it's blurry, it's basically a woman who tried to pierce her own tongue. Don't wan't to EPIC fail? Get it done proffesionally!

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