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Hey Michelle==It really depends on what kind of car but probably the clutch and brake pedals are binding where they pivot. and the accelerator is binding in the cable. Sometimes you have to completely remove them to properly lubricate them and replace the acc cable. GoodluckJoe losing presure in the rx-7 the clutch eases down to the floor Which pedal? If gas, I would lean toward a throttle bore cleaning.

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Q: What causes a sticking pedal and how do you fix it?
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Why accelerator pedal sticking on 1988 300ZX?

try checking the gasket around the intake that should fix it

How do you fix a sticking accelerator pedal on a 1999 mercury villager?

I had the same problem for almost a year and damaged both engine mounts and trans mount. The fix was simple. The throttle body was gummed up and sticking. Took it apart and cleaned it with carb and throttle body cleaner and no more sticking. Smoothest pedal in a year.

On a 1987 Chevy Corsica the accelerator has always been hard to push now the pedal is sticking how do you fix this?


How do you fix a sticking gas pedal on a 2002 Chevy blazer?

Clean the throttle body with a spray throttle body cleaner.

How can you fix your accelerator pedal in a 1990 wrangler from sticking?

you will need to replace the throttle cable, and while you are at it check the return spring.

How do you fix atv brake pedal from sticking down?

Check and clean the pedal system and the cable that it connects to. Lube any connections necessary, and make sure that the return spring is working, if your ATV has one.

Nissan almera year 2000. Why does the accelerator pedal stick?

Nissan almera pedal sticking

How do you fix a sicky and not returning clutch pedal on a 1993 Nissan sentra?

same thing started happening on my '97, you will probably need to have a new clutch cable installed. when they get old, sometimes they will start to fray which causes them to stretch and causes your pedal to become sticky.

How do I fix TPS pedal position sensor A circuit low input?

How do i fix the TPS pedal position sensor in a grand prix pontiac 2004.

How do you fix a sticking door handle on an interior door?

To fix a sticking door handle on an interior door, you need a hammer, some nails and a screwdriver. This will help you unscrew the sticking door handle and replace it with a new one.

What causes your truck to accelarate when is on?

The accelerator pedal. Also known as a gas pedal.

Why do the brakes not release when foot off pedal?

When brakes will not release when a foot is off the pedal, this is called sticking. There are various reasons for brakes sticking, but the most common involve an obstruction with the brake cable or the brake pads physically sticking to the drums or rotors. The safest way to remedy this problem is to have a professional inspect the vehicle.

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