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They will not pay for a new roof. Roofs are not covered due to wear, tear or faulty installation. They will not pay to fix the roof if you have a leak unless in suffered wind or hail damage. They will pay for a roof due to any sudden and accidental damage like fire, wind, hail or falling object.

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Q: You Need a new roof will the insurance pay for it?
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The buyer of our home agreed to fix the hail damaged roof and the insurance company sent a check can you keep it without repairing the roof?

If it is in writing that the buyer of your home agreed to pay to have the roof repaired or replaced, and the buyer knows you have received an insurance check for the roof, and if the insurance check is made payable to you, then yes, you can legally keep the money without paying for the new roof.

Insurance says they only will pay for Half Roof replacement?

If your insurance company says they will only pay half the costs of the roof repair, it is probably outlined that way in your policy. You should double check your policy.

What if insurance has paid for your roof but roof company wants your deprecation as well?

Once your roof has been replaced, it is now a new roof so their would be no depreciation at that point. The roofing contractor is entitled to the amount he quoted and the homeowner agreed to pay for the job, no more.

Does home owner's insurance pay for roof replacement?

yes, we are currently renting and our landlord's insurance paid for ours to be fixed

How do you get your insurance company to pay for a roof damaged by a hail storm?

Generally you would just file a claim with your insurance company. If you have windstorm coverage and your roof met the requirements for coverage on your policy you should have no problem getting the company to pay for repairs.

Is it impossible to obtain homeowners insurance which covers the roof if the roof is more than 20 years old and in Columbia South Carolina?

Impossible? No. However that is like signing up for health insurance when you already have cancer. Expect to pay a lot more. If you are trying to get insurance so that you don't have to pay for a new roof out of your pocket, you have an uphill battle. Howver many roofs are covered that are far more than 20 years old. However, they may be slate roofd.

What is better a convertible or Ford Escape?

Escape with a sun roof. Then you get a convertible & pay no more insurance.

Your insurance will not renew because you need to replace the roof the bank will not provide you with a loan to repair it if you do not have insurance what do you do?

The only option you have is to pay for the roof repair yourself, unless the roof damage was caused by a peril covered by your current policy. Another option might be to speak with a senior underwriter from the bank, they may be willing to make an exception if they can make the check out to the roof repair company directly. Good luck!

Can an insurance company pay to replace only a portion of a roof after hail damage?

Probably only if you have full coverage. Otherwise the Insurance company will deny you.

My roof is leaking water will my insurance going to pay for the repairs?

It depends on what caused the roof damage. If it was caused by a covered loss (wind damage) then your Insurance Company should pay for the damage. If the water leaked through the roof as a result of wear and tear, then the roof will not be covered but the resulting water damage may be covered.

Will rental insurance pay for wind damage to roof on a rental house?

This is not a covered peril on a tenants renters insurance policy. Nor should it be. This is the landlords responsibility.

Snow fell down off your roof and damaged the hood of your car Will your full coverage auto insurance cover the cost of new hood?

Yes, comprehensive coverage should pay for incidents such as this.