Why is it a law to have car insurance?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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Individual States have different laws are in place to make sure you have minimum amounts of coverage the State feels necessary. States vary but most will require you have Liability coverage that will provide protection for others from the drivers/owner of the car's negligence.

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Q: Why is it a law to have car insurance?
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Is it against the law if my car insurance has my friend's name as the principal driver in my car insurance?


Is classic auto insurance required by law?

No, classic car insurance is not required, but car insurance is. Classic car insurance is just a cheaper way of being insured.

Can WV impound an out of state car for no insurance?

When you have no insurance on your vehicle, you void your registration - insurance is required by law. Yes, they can impound a car from out-of-state in that instance.

Do you have to register your car to get insurance?

Actually, it's quite the opposite - You musthave insurance prior to registering a car. That's the law!!

What does the law requiring mandatory car insurance state?

The law requiring mandatory car insurance states that individuals and businesses are required by law to possess valid auto mobile insurance designed to cover the risk of financial liability in the event of an accident.

If i have a driver's license and i don't have car insurance can i borrow my friends car?

Yes you can borrow it, but if he doesn't have insurance then you could be breaking the law.

Do I have to have car insurance Maine if I pay off my car?

Sadly, that's not going to be an option for you. In Maine, the law requires that all drivers have basic car insurance.

If you are the lien holder on a car can you reposs a car if there is no insurance on it?

Whether or not a lien holder can repossess a car if there is no insurance depends on the contract, local law, or both. In this state, a verbal contract is valid. You will need to check local law.

Is collision car insurance required by law?

Yes collision insurance is in fact required by law. This will protect the other person if you are at fault for an accident.

What is the New Jersey law regarding car insurance?

New Jersey's policy for car insurance is that it is required by law. Without it, you can be arrested and fined, with your car and license suspended. Fortunately, a basic policy has been made available to everyone.

What are Nebraska's car insurance requirements?

Yes, there is a state law that requires you to carry proof of insurance while you are driving there. This is a common law in all states.

Am I required by law to have Auto Insurance in NY?

To own and drive a car in New York, you must register your car and obtain license plates. one must have the auto insurance in NY and that is by law. anyone breaking the law can get severe finds.