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it means tht if its a blue screen and it it says oops, an error has occures it means tht ur computer is about to blow up and the wires will be burned cuz all of the wires are not working correctly and uts overdoing for some certain websites..................tht means tht if it starts happening.........then in about 2 weeks ur computer will explode........and ur life is in risk if ur really next to it or u might burn ur fingers or something of ur watch out.........the best thing is to throw out ur computer BEFORE it explodes.........cuz when it explodes its dangeroues and not one of those little the kind tht can blow jp ur entire my message to u is to becareful at all times

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Q: Why does an error occur when you try to open woozworld?
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How do you play woozworld on a phone?

U cant play woozworld on u phone i try trust me :( u can just play in iPAD if u have

Why wont woozworld work?

That happens to me a lot, sometimes it is either you need to reload the page or there is an error on the server. Try turning off the computer, if that doesn't work then try a different computer. Hope this helps! P.s. if none of the above works then the there is something wrong with the server your on, or Wooz world is making some modifications to their website. :)

Are there games like woozworld?

There are many other games like woozworld. SecretBuilders Panfu Fantage Pandanda Club Penguin Pixie Hollow Planet Cazmo Small World Habbo And many others try these out.

Is their any games like woozworld?

Well there isn't any game like woozworld BUT You should try these games, they are also like woozworld a little: omg heres a good one ok look woozworld is the best no website can replace it and if u play woozworld my name is bethan58 if u want to play woozworld dont write woggy world ( worst game ever ) u need to complete games about chat safty to chat omg BORING so write woozworld cause my friend wrote woggie world yea so WOOZWORLD not woggieworld ALSO BY ALEXIS RICHARDS (not author above) This one is not really like woozworld but it is my fave: Also on woozworld my user is Dawnice... Supposed to be DawnShadow but Dawnice was fine... So yah... add me. On freerealms my user is: Dawnshadow033

What is dns error 8041040f?

the game has it, try reinstalling the game.

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Why do you keep getting a foreign error message when you try to open Vindictus?

You get a foreign error message when you try to open Vindictus because it is a game that is foreign based (in Korea).

When i try to open my game on my PC it does says error and doesn't open?

because it maybe has virus

How do you hack woozworld with cheat engine?

You can not hack woozworld with any program. Its impossible no matter how hard you try. If you do find a way to hack woozworld and it works (you can't anyway) you will get banned from woozworld forever. Do not try to risk your account by trying to hack.

Is woozworld fake or real?

yes because i have woozworld and its really fun you should try it my name on there is roseyangel

Why does it say an error has occurred when you try to send a gift to someone on Stardoll?

Errors can occur for many reasons. You should try to send the gift again and if you still receive an error message, report it to Stardoll.

Why does Adobe Photoshop 7 display an error message when I try and open the Editor Workplace?

Possibly the software is corrupt. Try to reinstall it.

Why does it keep giving you an error message when you try to log on binweevil?

try clearing your browser cache then close your browser open a new one and try again

How do you know when errors have been fixed on your computer?

You can try run the program that has error in it, if it doesn't occur again, it should be fixed

Why can't I put stuff in my unitz on woozworld?

try freshing it

How do you play woozworld on a phone?

U cant play woozworld on u phone i try trust me :( u can just play in iPAD if u have

What is ssl error?

SSL CONNECTION ERROR TYPES This connection is Untrusted Your connection is not private The sites security certificate is not trusted SSL Connection Error and SSL Protocol Error Server's certificate is not trusted The server's certificate security is not yet valid Your connection is not secure HOW TO FIX SSL CONNECTION ERROR? Check your date and time Exclude SSL protocol scanning in your antivirus settings Google chrome and Mozilla Firefox browser tweaks Export and import website's SSL certificate System restore your windows in previous date before the SSL connection error occur

How do you adopt a animal on woozworld?

its just dumd so dont try