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Because sex is physically draining and releases neurotransmitters related to satisfaction.

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Q: Why do you feel tired after sex?
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Do en feel tired after sex?

If you're tired after sex, go to sleep!

Why does sex make you tired?

Sex is typically full of physical activity and it can make you tired. Also, "feel good" chemicals are released during sex that can relax you. And finally, a lot of people have sex in the evening when they are already tired to begin with.

You are male and feel weak and tired why?

after sex we r tired of moving and we do more work then female (not reallly)

Tired dizzy and feel sick?

my girlfriend feel tired and sick

IS Having a sex causes weakness?

Not at all. You just feel tired afterwards but it passes if you just stay awake for 10 minutes.

Does pms make you feel tired?

Yes it can make you feel very tired.

You feel tired all the time?

No i wont feel tired at any time ...

Can sex make you tired?

Yes sex can make you tired because your moving and moaning during se so yes

What age do you loose your desire for sex?

Never. People never lose there desire for sex, just sometimes they get tired of doing it, or they feel it is awkward to make love at an older age. But your sex hormones never die, so there is no "age" when you lose desire for sex.

Do woman get tired after sex?


Can infection make you tired?

Infection can make you tired and reduce your sex drive.

Why are you tired after sex?

Because sex is an activity and your working and breathing hard.!