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People learn to urinate at times that suit them rather than their bladder. However, given time, the bladder will empty itself without your conscious control. It has a limited capacity to store urine.

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Q: Why do people always hold in their pee?
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How do smooth muscles help you hold your pee?

They relax to hold your pee and contrast when you want the pee to get out.

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What would make an 8 year old pee in pants?

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Why do people cross their legs when they need to pee?

Because it helps them clamp down on the urethra to help hold it in.

Is it bad to hold your pee?

my sister does nursing in her high school and YES it is bad to hold your pee. i think it could lead to..... i dont know i forgot what she told me, but yes holding your pee is bad.

How do you hold in pee if you are a girl?

Cross your legs...

Is it bad for a dog to hold its pee?


Why do i like peeing myself?

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Can girls control the speed of their pee?

yes, they can. by tightening and loosening the muscels than hold in pee, they can control the speed of oir pee

If you hold your pee does it goes on your blood?

i don't think so as pee is hold in the bladder how can it go to the blood CMIIW GORDON FREEMAN RULEZZZZZZ lol

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Needing to pee a lot more can mean that you have diabetes. How many times do you wake up to pee? Are you always thirsty? Always hungry? You should see a doctor.