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In general, the moving car would be At Fault because pedestrians always have the right of way. However, under certain circumstances, it could be the door-opener's fault.

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Q: Who is at fault when opening a car door and following vehicle hit the door with the front of their car.?
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Who is at fault when a car stops in the middle of an exit ramp and the following car hits him in the rear?

Since it was the following car's responsibility to maintain a safe stopping distance from the car in front, the car that rear-ended the stopped vehicle is at fault.

If a driver in front stops suddenly and a collision occurs it and is the fault of?

It depends on the state, jurisdiction, and sometimes even the insurance company; however, in many cases, the vehicle from behind is at fault. Most traffic investigators (whether they be law enforcement or with the insurance) agree that the second vehicle (or the vehicle from behind) is delegated the responsibility of following from a reasonable distance. If the second vehicle is not capable of stopping in time, it's generally because they were following too close to the vehicle in front of them.

A car cut the corner at a junction the car in front of you turned left he saw the car coming stopped dead causing you to run into himwhos at fault?

It has been my experience that you are at fault if you rear-end the vehicle in front of you, the citation would be "following to close" or something to that effect.

Who is at fault if a car stops suddenly in front of you and you swerve left of the double yellow to avoid car?

Sorry but you are at fault in this situation even if a vehicle stops in front of you because in the eyes of the law you must leave enough room between you and the next vehicle to stop at all times. If not you are apt to be cited for following too close in a rear end collision.

Who is at fault when a vehicle is hit from behind on a freeway the driver in front for putting on brake and what pena code does it follow under?

Who is at fault when a vehicle is hit from behind on a freeway the driver in front for putting on there brakes and whatpenal code does it follow under?

Would it be your fault in a rear-end accident if another motorist cuts into your lane right in front of you and then slams on their brakes?

Yes. In Florida the driver must maintain control of their vehicle at all times. This includes maintaining adequate separation (following distance) between your vehicle and the one in front.

The at fault driver hit my rear suburban tire No damage to my vehicle but the front of her car is What do I do?

Nothing, if she as at fault she is responsible to the damages of her car.

Who is at fault in a rear-in auto accident?

The vehicle that rear ends the vehicle in frontis usually but not always found at fault. This is because all states require that a driver be in control of his vehicle at all times. If you are certain that it was the fault of the guy in front,Stopping suddenly in front of another driver is a popular insurance scam techniqe,you will probably need witnesses to prove it.

Who is at fault if something falls out of a vehicle and it is hit by the driver behind causing damage?

the driver behind is not at fault as the in front should be liable as he was negligent

What if the car in front of the car you hit doesn't get hit are you at fault?

Assuming the question is asking in a three car accident the rear most vehicle doesn't strike the front vehicle, could fault be assigned to the rear most vehicle. Answer: Yes, in many states. Laws vary from state to state and depending on the circumstances and the reporting of the police officer on the scene. The officer would determine fault in the accident, which most typically falls on the rear most vehicle who initiated the collision. You are at fault for any vehicle you strike in a rear end accident.

Who is at fault if a car pulls completely out of a shopping center driveway and then suddenly slams on its brakes?

If he pulled out in front of a car driving on the street and it struck his car, then he is at fault. If he was rear-ended by the car following, then the following driver is at fault.

What is following distance?

What is following distance? Following distance is the space between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you while driving. It's important for all drivers to maintain a safe following distance, so that they have time to safely stop in case the vehicle in front of them brakes abruptly.