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You, almost certainly, but possibly them:

In a left-hand drive (right side of the road) country, you should not be turning left unless you are in the furtherest inner lanes. However, you should also not be going straight from an inner lane. Thus, if the lane you were in was marked as a left-turning lane, they are At Fault; anything else, you will still receive your fair share of blame.

In a right-hand drive (left side of the road) country, exactly how you manage to turn left and hit someone on a lane inside of you is beyond me, but you will be at fault. This applies even if they were approaching from a different branch of the road: a straight travelling vehicle has first priority, and after this comes right-turning traffic. You should not have turned until the path was and would have been completely clear as you turned.

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Q: Who is at fault if you sideswiped a vehicle while turning left and the vehicle was on the inside?
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A vehicle is making a wide right turn and I is passed on the right who's at fault?

If the turning vehicle was struck by a vehicle entering the roadway it would be the the fault of the vehicle entering the roadway.HOWEVER, if the entering vehicle was struck by the turning vehicle, it is the fault of the turning driver.

Who is at fault when a vehicle makes a left turn into a driveway and the car behind passes and hits the car turning?

The rear car would be at fault for not making a safe pass.

Who is at fault when a car avoid hitting turning car and hit car coming head on?

that would be the car turning because the car that had to swerve to avoid it hit another vehicle due to the turning car's failure to yield.

A 6 ton truck back half hit a car's front right panel while turning left at a round about who's fault will it be?

It would be the fault of the truck unless the vehicle struck can be determined to be at fault for a lane violation.

In icy conditions slowing to turn spun 90 degrees to the right and a truck following too close slammed into the passenger side of her car who is at fault?

If the truck was directly behind the first vehicle (same lane) they would get the majority at fault. If they were in another lane and wouldn't have had to stop normally for the turning car it is harder to determine. The driver of the turning car would likely be found partially at fault for failing to maintain control of their vehicle.

Who is at fault when you are in the right turning lane to take a right turn and the driver to your left turns right and hits your car?

If you are in a turning lane, and the other vehicle turns into you while they are in a straight lane, then they should be at fault. If the accident ends up in court take photos of the intersection to help plead your case.

Who is at fault if I hit a vehicle pulling another vehicle out of the ditch?

If you hit another vehicle then you are at fault. It does not matter what you were doing at the time.

Does full coverage insurance cover damages to the other persons vehicle if you are at fault in a no fault state?

In this state, a no fault state, full coverage insurance covers the other vehicle if you are at fault.

If you are backing out of a parking spot and hit a unoccupied vehicle- who is at fault?

You are at fault.

Who is at fault if a car is turning right and a bike on the right side runs into the car?

Bikes and pedestrians always have the right of way [providing they are proceeding in conformance with the traffic laws]. Most likely the vehicle will be determined at fault. There have been some rare cases in which a bicyclists or pedestrian have been assigned some contribution of fault.

If you bump a car in a parking lot and there is a little nick on the bumper is it a no fault accident?

No, as if your vehicle collided with the other vehicle, the fault is yours.j3h.

Who is at fault when a vehicle is backing up to park crosses a drive through lane and collides with another vehicle?

Most likely the the vehicle doing the backing up would be at fault.