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If you are in a turning lane, and the other vehicle turns into you while they are in a straight lane, then they should be at fault. If the accident ends up in court take photos of the intersection to help plead your case.

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Q: Who is at fault when you are in the right turning lane to take a right turn and the driver to your left turns right and hits your car?
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Who is at fault when a driver turns right on red and a car hits them on the drivers side rear right quarter panel?

The car that turns right on the on red is at fault. The other vehicle still has the right of way.

Whose fault is it if you were turning left into an ally and someon from the adjacent street turns right and hits you whos fault is it?

if you where paying attention when you turned then it the other pesons falt but if you weren't then is your fault.

Is the accident your fault if Someone turns in front of you they'd be turning left as to block your path and you hit them?

It depends on who had right of way.

Who is at fault driver a is behind driver b and driver b is stopped in the middle of the road and driver a goes to pull around them on the right and driver b turns right into them and hits driver a?

driver B....coz he side his car oppsite side of divider in a plane off the road..

Who's at fault when a semi truck changing lanes from left to right hits a car traveling in the semis blind-spot?

The truck driver for not properly controlling their vehicle in a turn. The semi driver should always be watching in their mirrors on every turn and should have stopped before hitting the other vehicle. The truck driver shouldn't have been in the left lane to start with, but its not entirely his fault. Motorists should know that trailer trucks have to make wide right hand turns some trucks even have a warning placard on the back and on the right hand side of the trailer warning of wide turns to the right. So the fault should fall on both the drivers.

What is the law if someone turns in front of you and you hit them?

They are usually at fault unless the subsequent investigation (or witness statements) discloses some kind of contributory negligence on your part.Protected and Un-Protected turnsActually it depends on the situation, basically what were the posted traffic rules in effect at the scene? If the turning driver was making a legal protected turn when you hit them then you would be at fault for hitting them. If the turn was protected by law or posted signs then they had the right of way and you were required to yeild.If the other driver was making a turn that was not protected then they are probably at fault as you would most likely have had the right of way.

What is an unprotected left turn?

It is a left turn where the turning driver must yield to oncoming traffic entering a cross-streets intersection because there is no left left turn signal facing that left-turning driver during which a red light stops oncoming traffic to protect the left turning vehicle. This holds in keep-to-the-right countries. For keep-to-left countries, there are, sometimes, protected right turns.

How do you say turning in french?

"tournant" is the generic translation, but there are probably many different ones depending on the context, if it's turning to the right, turning angry, etc.

Why would the front driver side tire on your trailblazer squeal?

you could be putting to much force on the wheel while turning. A way to stop this may be to turn right at a slower speed or make right hand turns that are not as sharp. If that does not work, visit a repair shop.

When turning left which wheel of the car will lift?

Due to centrifugal force, when turning left, the left side of the car will life. The same goes for right handed turns. If turning right, the right side of your car will have less weight on it. The weight will always be on the outside of the curve. Hope this helps :)

When making right or left turns when should a driver should signal before the turn?

100 feet

2000 Malibu steering clicking noise?

if clicking is in turns than a front axle needs replaced. if turning right it is your left axle-- turning left it is your right axle!! the clicking is the cv joint in axle.