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driver B....coz he side his car oppsite side of divider in a plane off the road..

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Q: Who is at fault driver a is behind driver b and driver b is stopped in the middle of the road and driver a goes to pull around them on the right and driver b turns right into them and hits driver a?
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Middle, behind the driver in front of the rear wheels

Who is at fault if you hit a car from behind that was stopped with a flat tire on the fast lane after a curve?

The person who rear-ended the stalled car is at fault. As a driver you are always required to be able to stop your car for the most unexpected situation. This means that if you need to slow down going around a corner because you never know what might be in the middle of the road then that is what you do.

Are you at fault if you hit someone from behind who stopped in the middle of the street and the started to back up?

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Yes, you are still at fault. It doesn't matter whether or not they had insurance, you still hit their vehicle and are therefore still responsible for their damages.

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