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Atlantic City, NJ

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Q: Which us city is the monopoly game located?
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What city was named by the monopoly game's inventor for places in a real US city?

Charles Darrow (1889-1967), who invented Monopoly in his basement during the Great Depression, named the streets in the game after the streets at his favorite vacation resort, Atlantic City, New Jersey (that was about 50 years before casino gambling was legalized there).

Most of the places on the Monopoly board game were named by the game's inventor for places in a real US city What city is that?

Most of the places on a traditional Monopoly board are named after places in Atlantic City. This is different from foreign language or boards in other countries, which are often named after the capital city. There are usually city versions available for most major cities in the United States though.

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What US tourist attraction would you find on Absecon Island?

Atlantic City is on Absecon Island. Famous for it's boardwalk, casino gambling, sandy beaches, it inspired the board game Monopoly.

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What are the most difficult pieces to find in the McDonald's US 2011 monopoly game?

boardwalk and park place

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"Monopoly suppliers are publicly owned." "Monopoly of wisdom." "Monopoly of truth seems to threaten us."

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