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Cotton - it's a natural fibre, with air-spaces between the threads. Rayon is a manufactured fibre - much thinner than cotton, and with less breathable spaces between the strands.

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Q: Which breathes better rayon or cotton?
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Why is rayon and nylon different from cotton?

Rayon and nylon are both synthetic, but rayon is made from wood pulp. Still rayon is made with a machine and other materials. Cotton is a natural fabric and dyes way better.

How is cotton a rayon different?

Rayon is a sythetic fiber and cotton is a plant.

Are cotton and rayon the same?

No, cotton and rayon are entirely different. Cotton is a material that comes from the cotton plant, whereas rayon is a synthetic material that is related to plastic.

Why string of nylon rayon are stronger than jute and cotton?

why string of nylon ,rayon are stronger than jute and cotton

How is rayon different from cotton?

I'm not sure. Go on google or ask or something like that, and see.

Can you call blended fabric of Cotton and rayon as Cotton?

You can, but you'd be lying.

What material is best for a dress shirt,cotton or rayon?

Cotton has a wonderful feel for it, but rayon is much more practical. It's all a matter of preference.

What fabric content should I look for in athletic tube socks to prevent athlete's foot?

Cotton because it breathes better.

Why do people wear cotton when doing sports?

it breathes.

Which one is natural polimer?


Are baby blankets only made with cotton?

Baby blankets are usually a blend of cotton and polyester or rayon.

How do you identyfy cotton yarn and viscose yarn?

If you had a length of cotton yarn and a length of viscose (or rayon, is another word for viscose), yarn and you were attempting to differentiate between the two, it is tricky. I would suggest that you wet both strands of yarn, and pull them. The rayon will stretch more and be less strong than the cotton. The rayon will also absorb more water than the cotton yarn.