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Yes. You can get these cancers from alcohol

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Q: Can you get lung heart and brain cancer from alcohol and marijuana?
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Can you get lung heart and brain cancer from tobacco alcohol and marijuana?

I think you must have brain cancer to ask questions like that. I've just got heart cancer for saying that.

What is so dangerous about the combination of alcohol and marijuana?

Alcohol limits your brain functions while marijuana forces your heart rate to shoot up as the brain "orders" the heart to pump faster to combat the effects of the drug. Limited brain functions plus excessive blood being pumped to the brain can cause defects in learning, memory and can lead to other mental incapacities such as paranoia syndrome. See related question below.

What effects does marijuana have on a persons health?

heart attack, high blood pressure, less oxygen to the brain and also you are at a higher rick of getting lung cancer

Can you over dose on marijuana?

no. Marijuana can be smoked as plentiful as possible, it does not affect your heart, only your brain.

What body parts are affected by using marijuana?

brain, heart, and lungs

What are 3 long terms effects of alcohol on the body?

liver damage loss of brain cells cancer of the throat liver and stomach weakening of your heart alcoholism

Can a pacemaker cause brain cancer?

no it can't.It actually helps your heart.(But not your brain.)

Does alcohol do the greatest amount of damage to the liver heart and brain?

The liver pays a much bigger price than your heart or brain when ingesting alcohol. This is especially true if you mix alcohol with Tylenol (potentially fatal). A glass of red wine for dinner each night is actually good for your heart.

What is the survival rate for heart cancer?

Cancer that originates in or metastisized to the brain affects 190,000 new victims every year according to the National Brain Tumor Society (USA). There is no set expiration date on someone with brain cancer from any source. It just depends on too many factors, which include: exactly where the cancer is, what stage the cancer is in, what type of cancer it is, and that's just the beginning. With the multitude of treatment options today, there is every reason to expect that most people who experience brain cancer can live a full life.

What are the consequences to the addicted marijuana users?

Consequences of marijuana addiction can include impaired cognitive function, memory issues, poor mental health outcomes, and decreased motivation. Additionally, individuals may experience financial difficulties, relationship problems, and legal issues due to their substance use.

Alcohol and other drugs affect the nerve cells within the brain.?

Drinking alcohol, even in excessive amounts, does not kill brain cells. However, alcohol slows our reactions, respiration, heart rate, etc.

Does marijuana deposits 4 times more tar into the lungs and contains 50 percent to 70 percent more cancer causing substances than tobacco smoke does?

Yes, this is true. There is also brain and heart damage that is caused by pot.