Where is the link on fantage?

Updated: 9/23/2023
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Q: Where is the link on fantage?
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Can you have a link to Fantage Japan?

You can before but now Fantage Japan blocked it :(

Can you post a link to a fantage ecoin maker on this question?

u mean fantage ecoin generator?fantage beta mediafire

What is the NEW link for Fantage japan?

There's no new link for Fantage Japan because they shut it down because of the earthquake from March 2011.

Are there any Fantage questions?

There are nearly 2,500 questions in the Fantage category. Click on the link below.

How do you sign in Fantage?

1. To register onto Fantage go to the Fantage website (see related link below) then click new user. Then put in your password, username, and email etc. to log on. 2. If you want to log on to Fantage go to the Fantage website (see related link below) and click where it says username and password, type it in, and your on!

What is the link to find the Fantage IQ quiz?

an fantage IQ test make u win over50,000,000 eCOINS

What is thee link to ecoins generator in Fantage?

impossible. Scam.

How do you go on fantage rainbow chat on fantage?

Fantage rainbow has got hacked by mean lolwutgoat soo now its kinda ruined, but their are many fun other chats, is the link for fantage rainbow. Here is the other chats you can go on fantage cheese ( i hate it ) fantage bluemoon ( the best ) fantage zebra ( its alright ) fantage cherrios ( is kinda alright) BYE!

Is there a link for free member giveaways on fantage?

yes there is. just google free fantage and there is a whole site where you make an account and get free ecions and membership xD

Where can you find a Fantage money maker?

You can find fantage money maker on The videos called " Download Fantage Money maker!! " they have a link on the video. And I'm not saying it will work, you know I have never tried this fantage money maker. I got my membership by paying on fantage. And if you ever see me I'm famous! I've been on five fantage videos on youtube! My fantage name is sparky099. So see ya! ll waves ll

What is the link for the Fantage moneymaker?

ok there are three i know of...

Can you get a fantage free membership?

Ok so you can't get a free membership. But you can get free ecoins Ill give you a link copy and paste the link bellow on a tab on this you just sign in your fantage user and password then you have to do one of the things they say you can do then you get FREE eCoins.