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Yes. has Fanatge play on the website. You can log on to your account and play on Fantage, it also has some Fantage games on there even if you do not have a Fantage account.

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Q: Are there any game site that has fantage?
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What is the best game site for kids?

Ok The Best Is Fantage!!! The Site

Were do you find fantage game cards?

You can find Fantage Game Cards at any Toys R Us stores.

How do you get fantage card?

You can get a Fantage Game Card in any Toys R Us stores in the USA.

Where is the game staries on Fantage?

in fantage

How do you get to a game on Fantage?

You click on a game anywhere at Fantage and you click play and you will play it.

Do you have a free fantage accounts?

No not on this site.

Which is the fantage game the gives you more stars?

The Fantage game that I play to need more stars is Wild Rumble. It is more better if you are a member. If you are a non-member the game that is the best is any pet game like Wild Slinger and those.

What game is better than fantage?

Minecraft, fantage is for loosers

How do you get your camera on fantage?

You play the camera game at MT Fantage

Is fantage a noun?

Yes, Fantage is a noun, a proper noun, the name of a specific website, a word for a thing.A noun is a person, a place, or a thing.For example: "Fantage is fun!" or "Fantage is a cool game!". (Fantage, fun, and game are nouns, words for things.)

Is Fantage fun?

Fantage is a really cool site. It's alot like Club Penguin, however, it is also very different in many ways. Fantage has some pretty cool Mini Games. If you wanna play it, I say go for it. It's a neat game. Hope this helps! ~ Sheimi492

Does Fantage have any virouses?

No, fantage doesn't have viruses.