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the nipple

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Q: What was invented through 1870 to 1879?
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What was the decade before 1880?

1870 was one decade before 1880.

When they did not have light bulbs?

Before 1879. 1879 was when it was invented

When was cave painting invented?

It was invented in 1879

When were videos invented?


When was Mitsubishi invented?


Who and when was scandium invented?

Fredrick Nilson Invented Scandium in 1879

When did Thomas Edison invented the bulb?

He Invented the light in 1879

When was the thermal sensor invented?

in 1879

When were rubber ballaoons invented?


When was the measuring cup invented?

In 1879

When was the first Ariel invented?

The Ariel was invented around 1870.

In what year was bubblegum invented?

IN 1870