When were diamonds invented?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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it was invented in 1340

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Q: When were diamonds invented?
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The first diamonds invention in Kerala?

Diamonds were not invented; beautiful diamonds are natural gems. But from many years artificial diamonds are produced for industrial goals.

What machines were invented to mine for some diamonds?


Who is the inventor of the first diamond?

Diamonds were not invented, they are natural stones. They can be found in many places.

When was Diamonds Diamonds created?

Diamonds Diamonds was created in 1982.

Are chocolate diamonds the same as regular diamonds?

'Regular diamonds' are diamonds described without colour. 'Chocolate diamonds' are brown diamonds that include a description of the colour.

Are kiran diamonds real?

Kiran diamonds are manufactured diamonds: real, manufactured diamonds.

Are blood diamonds and conflict diamonds the same thing?

Yes blood diamonds and conflict diamonds are the same thing. They can also be called converted diamonds, war diamonds or hot diamonds. Hopefully this answered your question.

How much are pixie diamonds?

50 Pixie Diamonds- $3.00115 Pixie Diamonds- $7.00240 Pixie Diamonds- $15.00585 Pixie Diamonds- $35.00

Where can you find carbon from diamonds?

You can find carbon from diamonds in diamonds.

Who are the Diamonds?

Diamonds is the nickname for the Rushden and Diamonds football club.

What are canary diamonds?

Canary diamonds are yellow-tinted diamonds.

What are yellow diamonds?

Yellow diamonds are a type of diamond. These are diamonds that feature a yellow hue. These diamonds are also called fancy diamonds.