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an adult need sleep of maximum 8 hours.

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Q: What is the proper medical answer for how much sleep an adult need?
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How much sleep does a adult need?


How much sleep should a man get?

The recommended amount of sleep for the average adult is eight hours.

How much sleep does an adult need?

The amount of sleep may vary so much, although most of adults get restored after 5 to 8 hours of sleep.

Why does an adult bounce to go to sleep and cannot sleep at night?

Could be Restless Leg Syndrome (or too much coffee!)

How much do adult English Bulldogs sleep?

An adult English Bulldog will sleep a majority of the day. English Bulldogs are very inactive dogs and can even snore loudly while sleeping.

How much sleep does a tween need to have?

My doctor has told me that tweens need 9 hours of sleep a night! A Sleep Doctor should tell you to sleep 10 hours of sleep not 9 hours. Now Adult can sleep up to 6 hours, there bodys don't need that much sleep:)

How much sleep does a 29 year old need?

Adult humans need around eight-ten hours of sleep every night.

How much sleep does a young adult need?

Children need about 9-10 hours of sleep a night. Young adults should get around 8-9 hours of sleep a night.

How much sleep does a 22 year old woman need to feel refreshed?

The average adult should be getting 7 to 8 hours sleep regularly for good health.

What is the medical term for extreme sleepiness?

Hypersomnia means too much sleep. Hypersomnia can be a symptom of depression.

How much uninterrupted sleep should a proper child have?

9 hours a child should have a day plus the next day

Can an adult recover from sleep deprivation?

Yes. Just get as much sleep as you need. Your body will fully recover once you have got the right amount of sleep (particularly REM sleep). I suggest you have a weekend where you plan nothing but to sleep as much as you need. I know this sounds a bit ridiculous and too easy to be solving sleep deprivation, but I have studied sleep patterns and disturbances and this is the answer. If this doesn't help which it should, I suggest you see a doctor or find out the underlying problem of your sleep deprivation.