What is retroactive insurance?

Updated: 9/13/2023
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A date that a claim can be made.

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Q: What is retroactive insurance?
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Can i buy your own retro homeowner insurance?

No. there is no such thing as a retroactive homeowners insurance policy.

Can insurance company increase your premiums retroactive?

No, Insurance Company cannot increase premiums retroactive. It has to declare before hand from which date the increased rate of premium would be operational.

What type of insurance policy has a Retroactive Date?

professional liability

What happens when you have insurance at the time of an accident and then it gets cancelled does the insurance still cover the accident?

Yes it does. The cancellation of an insurance policy is not retroactive.

Which home insurance companies offer retroactive policies?

None.... Good try though

Where can you find sample wording for retroactive liability insurance?

There is no insurance of that type. An insurance company would never issue a policy covering possible previous damage in regards to any type of property.

What is retroactive coverage?

retroactive coverage

Should it be retroactive from or retroactive to?


Can you buy travel insurance after starting your trip?

Yes, obviously the coverage starts from that point going forward with nothing retroactive.

What kind of long term disability do you have?

After a 90 day wait does your Insurance pay retroactive to the injury date,or from the 90 day mark?

Does the State of Kentucky allow retroactive homeowners insurance claims?

Pre-existing home damage.Retroactive in what way? the state of Kentucky?Homeowners Insurance Policies do not cover preexisting damage to a home.

How many morphemes in retroactive?