What is harm and retaliation?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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Q: What is harm and retaliation?
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What is another word for to do harm in return for harm?


Can you put retaliation in a sentence?

"That was John's retaliation" "No retaliation was needed" "His retaliation was swift and cruel"

What is the GI Joe - retaliation password?

password of retaliation

What is the Hebrew word for retaliation?

retaliation = nekamá (נְקָמָה)

What the foreign policy the US called for in the event of a soviet attack?

Massive retaliation.

When was Union of Retaliation created?

Union of Retaliation was created in 1940.

What animal is Odysseus warned not to harm?

The animals which Odysseus was warned not to harm were the sacred cattle and the sacred sheep. However, the men who were traveling with Odysseus did not heed the warning and slaughtered many of the animals. In retaliation Zeus sent a massive storm which called everyone except Odysseus.

What aspect of president Eisenhower foreign policy called for large numbers of nuclear weapons?

massive retaliation

Sentence for retaliation?

You must always use legal means to right a wrong, using retaliation only leads to more retaliation.

When was Radio Retaliation created?

Radio Retaliation was created in 2007-04.

What is the duration of Retaliation film?

The duration of Retaliation - film - is 1.57 hours.

No one attacks you with impunity literary meaning?

This phrase means that people cannot harm or wrong you without consequences or retaliation. It implies that if someone tries to attack you, they will face repercussions or justice for their actions.