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bacteria are EVERYWHERE, it's already IN there (unless it's distilled water) it grows and reproduces until there are enough of them that you can see it.

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Q: How do bacteria form in water bottles?
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What is in the water that is consumed from a package of water bottles purchased Is it air bubbles, bacteria, pathogens, parasites, or shapes formed from frequencies?


How is Ketamine smuggled into the country?

Because of its liquid form it is put inside water bottles

Why does moisture form on bottles removed from refrigerator?

Obvisouly, coming out the fridge the bottles are very cold, much colder than anything else in the room. There is water in the air, in a gas form. When the water hits the cold bottle, it condesnse (changes from a gas to a liquid) , thus, you end up with moisture on the bottles

How should I clean my reusable water bottles?

The best way to clean reusable water bottles is to wash them in warm, soapy water and let them air-dry on a clean towel. Just using hot water to rinse them out isn't enough to kill germs and bacteria, but dish soap does the trick!

What element is used to kill bacteria and other harmful microo rganisms in swimming pools?

You use bottles of the element chlorine diluted water.

What form does activated charcoal come in?

Pre-mixed in water containted in plastic bottles or as a powder

What element is added to drinking water to kill becteria in the water?

In order to kill the bactaria in the water, you have to boil the water on the stove until the water is boilig. Let the water cool, and then it will be safe to drink. There are also water bottles with filters that can filter water, as well as using a Brita pitcher. You can also get water bottles that use UV light to kill the bacteria in the water.

What is nathan water bottles same with mineral water?

Nathan water bottles same with mineral water: I think so nathan water bottles same with mineral water are great water bottles but dont have BPA freindly which you do want.

What is stomatolite?

collections of bacteria which grow in water and form stony lumps

Can You recycle Soap bottles?

yesi recycle soap bottles, water bottles, juices bottles

How many water bottles are in 148 ounces?

about eight water bottles

What is the pure form of water- rainwater or groundwater?

As i fell ground water is the purest form of water. As rain water may consist bad Bacteria but ground water does not as it is purified by the ground.