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spin around

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Q: How do you get past the monk in the whirl islands?
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Where is the monk in whirl islands?

there are doing hello kitti

How do you get past the whirl islands in Pokemon SoulSilver?

you need hm whirlpool.

What do you do when you beat the girls in Pokemon SoulSilver?

the kimono girls? go to the whirl islands and go in the first island you see that is protected by a whirl pool then talk to the monk and go to the bottom

When do you use Silver Wing?

you use it to get past the man blocking your way in the whirl islands

How do you get past whirl islands in silver?

Get the whirl pool TM then go in to the center island. fyi theres no point in going if you don't have a silver feather

Is lugia in whirl islands or seafom islands in Pokemon heartgold?

i think he's in the whirl islands

Where do you find the whirl islands in Pokemon FireRed?

Whirl islands are in the johto region which is not in firered.

What's in Islands?

The whirl islands.

Where are the whirl islands in SoulSilver?

The Whirl Islands are located between Olivine City and Cianwood City.

How do you get past the ragecandybar salesman in mahogany town in Pokemon soul siler version?

you have to catch lugia at whirl islands.

Who is at the whirl islands in Soul Silver?

Well, Lugia is at Whirl Islands, some trainers, and the kimono girls!

Where is whirl islands in heart gold?

The Whirl Islands are the four massive rocks in the water between Olivine and Cianwood.