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Q: What is effective use of time?
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How effective is it to use the pill and spermicide lubricant at the same time?

It's 100% effective.

How do you define the time management?

Time management is defined as an ability to use your time in a productive and effective way. It is planning how to use your time wisely, especially at work.

How do you explain how to use the resources effective?

time, energy,skills, imagination,family and friends

Your birth control is effective after 7 days but bf did not pull out and it was before the time for your 7th pill Still took it will it be effective against a pregnancy?

if directions say 7 days or pills it probly wont be effective till then next time use a condom

What time are Dusk Balls effective in Pokemon Diamond?

If you use a Dusk Ball inside a cave, it will always be at its most effective catch rate. However, you need to use a Dusk Ball between 8pm and 3:59am outside caves to take advantage of its 4x catch rate. This is the game's night-time mode and Dusk Balls are more effective during this time.

What are the chances of getting pregnant if you use a condom every time?

Well, condoms are effective 99% of the time, so... 1% chance.

Which of the following would be the main reason you use the task feature?

to use effective time management

Why would a nation use propaganda in a time of war?

Propaganda can be effective to reduce the morale of the enemy army and civilians.

Why are vaccines tested over a long period of time?

To make sure they are effective and safe to use in the general population.

Use of the computer in e-governance?

The use of computer in e-governance ensures that communication is enhanced or effective. It also cuts down on costs and time.

When command is transferred then all personnel with a need know should be told?

The effective time and date of the transfer

What do you mean by effective jet velocity of a rocket?

Effective jet velocity of a rocket is the increased velocity of a rocket in a short span of time. It is achieved with the use of either solid or liquid propellants.Ê