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Aggregate limits general are referring to the liability portion of the policy, the aggregate limit is a pre-determined dollar amount up to which an insurance policy will cover an insured per year or policy period or accident. As an example, your limit is 100k per person 300k per accident/loss, and 500k aggregate, so each person could get up to 100k per person, but only 300k per accident, and no more than (no matter how many accidents in that policy period) 500k aggregate....clear as mud isn't it? If you have a specific coverage that you are wondering about I would be happy to assit, check your policy for the length of the aggregate amount..should say , 'during policy period or per calendar year etc.''

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Q: What is Homeowners insurance stated aggregate limit?
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Personal liability limit on homeowners insurance?

Is this seems like an incomplete question. Homeowners policies typically have personal liability on them.

What does Aggregate mean in general liability?

In a insurance policy, the limit of liability is often expressed as a value per occurrence and a separate value as an aggregate limit. The policy will pay no more than the per occurrence limit for each covered occurrence Further, the pay no more than the aggregate limit for all claims during the policy period. On an insurance policy it would often be expressed as $1,000,000/$2,000,000 occurrence / aggregate The numbers listed above could be replaced by any other number, however the aggregate limit will never be less than the per occurrence limit. Alternatively, the limit could be split between per claim and aggregate instead of per occurrence and aggregate This has no effect on the meaning of aggregate in the policy. Mark Walters, ARM AAI West Insurance Group In a nutshell, aggregate means the total paid out for all incidents during the policy period. In the above example you could have 2 claims during the insured period for $1m each but not 3, as 3 x $1m is more than the aggregate limit.

How does commercial general aggregate insurance protect the customer?

The aggregate limit can be higher than the per occurrence limit of the policy, thus providing additional coverage should multiple claims be filed against the insured.

What is the statutory time limit to sue a homeowners insurance company?

the standard policy says two years

A policy with aggregate limits will limit only the what?

A policy with aggregate limits will limit only the total amount that an insurance company will pay out for all claims during a specific policy period. It sets a maximum limit for all claims combined, rather than a specific limit for each individual claim. Once the aggregate limit is reached, the policy will no longer provide coverage for any further claims.

Aggregate limit of com umbrella is it for a year or total of one event?

Aggregate is total limit for all claims in the year.

What is class code 96317 for General Liability Insurance -?

Inspection and Appraisal 96317 Companies-Inspecting for Insurance or Valuation Purposes - Products - completed operations for this classification are subject to the General Aggregate Limit

What is commercial general aggregate insurance?

There are two limits of commercial liability insurance that you need to consider when purchasing a policy. The first is what the policy will pay max for one loss during the policy term. This is called the Occurrence limit. The second is what the policy will pay out max for multiple losses. This is called the Aggregate limit. For example a policy may have a $500,000 occurrence limit with a $1,000,000 aggregate limit. This would mean that the policy would pay out a max of $500,000 for any one claim during the policy term and they would pay out a max of $1,000,000 total for all claims during the policy period. Your state insurance department is your best resource for insurance-related questions and concerns. Find information on insurance companies and agents, rate quotes and comparisons, insurance buying tips, claims filing information and much more! State Insurance Department websites: Visit the Related Links for a link to the site.

What is Errors Omissions EO coverage with a minimum aggregate of 300000?

Erroros and Omissions is a type of insurance for professionals (much like malpractice for doctors) such as an insurance agent or accountant. It protects them from unintentional mistakes they may make in the course of their work. For example an insurance agent writes a policy for $30,000 instead of $300,000. The aggregate limit of $300,000 refers to the total amount of coverage available during the policy period. Some policies "reset" policy limits after a claim is resolved but policies with an aggregate limit get chopped away at by each claim and can eventually be drained to $0.

Does homeowners insurance pay for loss of personal property in the homeowners apartment in another city?

Yes. For a theft loss, conditions and limitations on the amount of coverage may be applicable. Additonally, many policies limit the amount of coverage to 10% of the total policy limit for contents for all covered losses away from the residence premises. //

Does met life homeowners insurance cover theft or robbery from your person while away from the home?

The standard homeowners insurance policy covers theft of your property away from your residence for up to 10% of whatever coverage limit you have. Keep in mind that not only does your deductible apply, but there are also several sublimits for things like cash and jewelry.

Does homeowners insurance cover personal items stored in a rented garage?

Yes. A homeowners policy provides the widest and most coverage for the money of any type of insurance there is. You have coverage for up to 10% of your coverage C limit off premises. This way you have coverage while in storage, on vacation, a child's property in their dormatory at college, etc.