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Q: What does Ola hermosa como estas mean?
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What does Ola miiz como estas sabes tienes una lindas foto mean?

Hi/hello Miiz how are you you know you have a beautiful photo

Ola como estas hablas espaol?

IT CAN BE TRANSLATED TO ENGLISH AS FOLLOWED. Hello, how can you speak spanish?

How do you say Hi how are you baby in spanish?

Ola, Chica! Que tal? (And possibly prepare yourself for a cold stare . . . )

If someone says hola como estas mija what are they saying?

They are saying, "Hello! How are you my girl?"

What does ola que tal como as estado mean in English?

Hi! How's it going? How have you been? would be the best translation I think...

Como estas amigo?

Mi día ha sido bastante bien, hasta ahora. Hello, friend, how is your day? My day has been pretty good so far. One thing - The word for "hello" is "hola", where the "h" is not sounded. "Ola" is a wave (on the ocean).

What does ola meu bem onde vc esta e como esta voce mean?

I think it's Portuguese for: Hi my friend where are you and how are you

What dos Ola comole van las cosas como esta la familia mean?

Hi how's it going with you how's the family

How do you say 'Hello how are you' in Portuguese?

Ola como esta? or Oi como vai? Ola, Oi = hello, hi. como = how. esta = are. vai = goes. Voce, which is the personal pronoun for 'you' in Portuguese, doesn't have to be used. For the verb form tells listeners that it's the third person form with he/she/it/you, depending upon the context.Olá, como vai você

What is the translation for ola ya voy para casa tu donde estas?

Hi. I'm on my way home. Where are you at?

Psp version 3.52 to version 5.55?

ola como le hago para descargarlo

What does the hawaiian word ola mean in English?

ola = life