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Probably none. Food can have nutritional information on the package but not health claims. That would be under the drug guidelines of the FDA and not the food ones.

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Q: What health claims can be marketed on food packages?
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What are some of the claims found on the labels of calorie reduced food packages?

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Which statements on a label link the use of a food product to certain health risks or benefits?

Health Claims

What is descriptive of the FDA's A list?

A series of unqualified health claims on food labels

What determines what food products will be processed and marketed?

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The issues the guidelines that must that must be met when a company places a nutrient or health claim on food label?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issues guidelines about putting nutrients or health claims on a food label.

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Why is organic food marketed?

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Which government agency issues the guideline that must be met when a company places a nutrient or health claims on food labels?


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