Types of Automatic gain control circuits?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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2 types

1.simple AGC

2.delayed AGC

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Q: Types of Automatic gain control circuits?
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Use of Automatic gain control?

Will this AGC controls the gain of an equipment gradually when input amplitude signal increases

Why we need automatic gain control in communication system?

To minimize the effects of sudden changes in signal strength.

Why do you use a delayed AGC?

The disadvantage of automatic gain control, attenuating even the weak signal, is overcome by the use of delayed automatic gain control (dagc).

What are reciprocal circuit elements?

Reciprocal circuit elements are those elements/circuits in which power loss/gain is same at both nodes/ends.In these types of circuits we can check the circuit or connect it in any way.

How is automatic gain control bias voltage developed in a valve superhet radio reciver circuit?

The signal is changed to dc in the AGC circuit to change the gain. A weak signal will increase gain.

Is a light dependent resistor ohmic?

In some circumstances a filament bulb is used as a variable resistor. As the filament heats up, its resistance increases. This effect is used in some automatic gain control circuits; as the signal level increases, the changing resistance of the bulb can modify the feedback level in order to hold the level constant.

What are the disadvantage of negative feedback circuits?

gain of the system decreases.....

How do you gain control in a dictatorship?

you can gain control in a dictatorship by becoming president

Muslim armies gained control of which region or regions of europe before the time of the ottoman empire?

Muslin armies gain control of Eastern Europe during the time of the Ottoman Empire. The areas of Bulgaria, Romania and Yugoslavia were under the control of the automatic Empire.

Why negative modulation is used in tv?

Negative modulation means for maximum luminance zero carrier power is transmitted. This helped in reducing impulsive noise which produced spots on screen and also synchronizing pulse has maximum carrier power so its is relatively easy for AGC (Automatic Gain Control) to pick it up and provide constant voltage output to drive rest of the TV circuits.

What is a gain control on dj equipment?

Gain control is usually the controlling of the sound levels. whether this is individual to a single channel or a master gain control. This will let you control the amount of the sound that is given out from your dj mixer.

What is negative feedback in an amplifier?

feedback that reduces gain to help stabilize amplifier operation. gain is easy and cheap to get, stability isn't. its a tradeoff. so amplifier is deliberately designed with much more gain than needed and negative feedback sacrifices some of that gain to stabilize it.