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it could be normal, or it could be that there is a problem. You need to ask the doctors questions about it. But don't worry it might not be serious.

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Q: My doctor said I'm not ovulating normally what does that mean?
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I am are 11 and you have been noticing icky stuff in my undies and cramps my doctor said that i was going to have your period soon but when does that mean?

It means that you have started ovulating and soon will be starting to bleed ocne a month. You can now get pregnant. Ask your mom about this and you can also read more in the link below.

What does it mean if your doctor said you were pregnant with a girl what does that mean?

when the doctor tell`s you or the girl your with,that she is Pregnant,it means that she has your baby,inside of her ;) she is with a baby :)

Can you drink water before a thyroid blood test if doctor just said to fast?

Yes. Drink water as you would normally.

What does it mean if the biopsy result said that no atypia was noted on the specimen?

Consult your doctor for the answer...

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I saw my doctor for a injury sustanin at work his report said non certified. What does this mean. Does it mean I can not work.

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Can you conceive if you have not had a period for over a year?

you might want to talk to your OB/GYN about this as not having a period is NOT normal. That being said, you also need to confirm if you are ovulating as you can only become pregnant if you are ovulating. See the site called -- they have a lot of useful information.

The doctor said my uterus is firm is this normal?

ask your doctor

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