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active transport

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Q: How could a cell obtain more calcium?
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Does calcium help you lose weight?

A we know that calcium is important for bone development and protecting against the bone disease osteoporosis. More calcium inside a cell means more fat. So we can say Overdose of calcium make fat in our body.

If the sodium channel or the fast calcium channels are open the inside of the cell would be relatively more what?


Is calcium higher than sodium in the electrochemical series?

Yes it is. Calcium atom loses electrons more readily in cell reactions than in reactions with air, water and dilute acids.

What would calcium nitrate react with?

francium ceasium Potassium Sodium Lithium These metals could react with calcium nitrate in a displacement reaction as they are more reactive. e.g. pottasium + calcium nitrate -> calcium + pottasium nitrate.

Can a police officer search your cellphone?

With the proper warrant or probable cause, a cell phone could certainly be searched. More commonly the police would obtain necessary records from the cellular service provider.

A primary objective of cell fractionation is to?

The purpose of cell fractionation is to obtain a pure sample of part of the original whole, such as mitochondria, plasma membranes, DNA, RNA, soluble proteins or even a specific macromolecules

Does beer have more calcium than milk?

yes it does have calcium in it

Extracellular fluid contains up to 10000 times more calcium than intracellular fluid and yet all cells continue to pump out even more calcium They could only do this by means of?

active transport

Which is more reactive calcium or xenon?


What does it mean when you start breaking bones?

Socially it means you could be clumsy... Physically you could need more calcium in your diet,see a doc.

Does calcium or sulfur have more protons?

Calcium has 20 protons and sulphur has 16 protons and hence calcium has more protons

Is calcium sulfide more or less reactive to aluminum?

Chemistry of calcium Calcium is generally more reactive than magnesium